Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A good example of the county's lack of leadership

When Russ Johnson was the legislature chairman and Steve Lyman was the administrator, they made sure county employees were accountable to the taxpayers.

Janet Clerkin, who works in the Promotion and Tourism office, was also writing for the Syracuse Newspapers.

Johnson and Lyman caught her doing her Syracuse Newspaper job while on the taxpayer clock.

Ms. Clerkin allegedly phoned and emailed a church for a story she was working on. Because the calls and emails were coming from the county, the church assumed the story was for the county.

One call to the church lasted 90 minutes, according to the church's phone records, and the caller ID showed a Promotion and Tourism phone number.

Lyman and Johnson found out about it when, according to Johnson, the church thanked Lyman for all the time Ms. Clerkin devoted to the soon-to-be-written story. 

That's when they did some investigating.

Clerkin sent a letter to the church in apology, but skimped on the amount of time and county resources she had spent.

We removed the name of the church and the details of what the story was about.

Ms. Clerkin obviously wasn't thinking about the embarrassment this would have caused Syracuse Newspapers had Johnson or Lyman gone to the press.

Today, with administrator Phil Church and chairman Kevin Gardner, employees can get away with anything. Cheating the taxpayers is something they aren't too concerned with.

It's a shame Johnson and Lyman are gone. 

They finally nailed him

Town of Hastings Justice Michael Clark (alleged buddy of Fred Beardsley) has been the talk of the town since he became a justice.

For years people have complained about his bias, his demeanor, and a host of other allegations. 

Apparently, it has caught up to him.

Thank you Brian Kehoe

We couldn't figure out why our views had suddenly skyrocketed, then we started getting emails from county highway employees telling us that Brian Kehoe had a t-shirt made up with something about the Peeled Onion. 

Despite the fact that his shirt was most likely in violation of the county's new dress code, we can only thank him for driving traffic to our site.

Surely, Brian Kehoe must give highway superintendent Kurt Ospelt a headache and some legislators have said they are very disappointed in Ospelt for his handling of the issue with Mr. Kehoe and Mr. Wheeler, we are hearing that Mr. Ospelt is most likely is his last term.

The next superintendent probably won't be as forgiving.

Thank you again, Mr. Kehoe.

We are happy onion today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Backus and the legislators should be ashamed

We have heard that Robin McMillen, the county's chief accountant who couldn't pass the Civil Service test, is going to some sort of finance school to learn her job or hopefully pass the test. And, we are told, this is being done on the taxpayers dime.

Seriously? What's wrong with county leaders to allow this to happen. And let's not forget, Michael Backus most likely had to give his blessings to her hiring. And he thinks he can run for Congress someday? He'd better rethink that because what he's done to this county is despicable. We also hear he doesn't spend much time in his office. 

According to the state, a provisional appointment can only be for one year. So what will the county do as McMillen's year must be nearly up. What loophole will personnel director Carol Alnutt find? 

Macmillan couldn't pass the test. Move on. Hire one of the candidates who could pass the test. Do something right for the taxpayers for once. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

County Highway: And no one caught this?

It's the job of the highway superintendent to audit the invoices that come into his office. After all, he makes almost 100 grand a year, so he must/should be doing a good job for the taxpayers, right?

The invoices then go to county auditor Steve Loadwick, chief FarmVille player (more on that tomorrow), whose job is to be sure everything is in order. He, too, makes the big bucks.

We were sent these invoices. We don't know if there are others, but this one sure is compelling. Apparently, both the big buck boys missed this.

There's an invoice from Halsey Machinery Company, Inc. dated May 18, 2010 for $950. It's for a Genie Manlift.

There's also an invoice from a company called Tri-County Rental, LTD. with no date that we could find, in the amount of $950. That, too, is for a Genie Manlift.

Both invoices show that the equipment is one in the same. It's not two separate rentals.

We are told that Tri-County and Halsey's are one in the same. In fact, the Tri-County invoice does have Halsey Machinery Co, Inc. handwritten on the bottom.

Both highway superintendent Kurt Ospelt and county auditor Steve Load wick missed this? How? And how many others did they miss?

We are told that Halsey's paid back the duplicate payment a couple years ago. Odd they didn't notice they received more than they should have back in 2010. 

We have no idea how/why this was paid back a couple/few years later, but it should have never slipped by in the first place.
We don't know who caught this error, but it's good that someone did, and it obviously wasn't the people who are supposed to be watching our tax dollars.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

County Highway

A lot of you have emailed us asking what's going on in the county highway department.

The last we heard about the Brian Kehoe/Ken Wheeler time sheets and GPS records is that they are still under audit. Because the GPS records have tens of thousands of entries, it's going to take some time.

Of course, because Mr. Wheeler is retired, they most likely have to be checked against his retirement records.

We will have something else interesting about highway that we are expecting to have soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The knife

Well, it's not surprising that no DNA came back on the knife. If it was indeed used to kill someone, surely the killer would rid of any trace of DNA before hiding it.

It would behoove Lisa Pebbles to take a trip to the Oswego County Clerk's office. She might find something really interesting in the real estate records, if she hasn't done so already.  

One thing everyone seems to be losing focus of is the fact that Peebles only has to prove that the jury may have decided differently had they been made aware during Gary Thibodeau's trail that Heidi Allen was a confidential drug informant. 

And one juror has already said it would have made a difference (per story), so that one person would have made the difference in the guilty verdict. Gary would have walked-- a free man-- had that information been disclosed during the trial.

The community and the jury were spoon fed such a sanitized version of who Heidi Allen was. Don't forget, both Heidi's family and Sheriff Todd (then the undersheriff) denied at that time that Heidi was a CI, and now we are finding out that they knew.

A new trial for Gary Thibodeau could finally bring the answers for both the Thibodeau's and the Allen's.

Getting to the truth lies in one man's hands. Hopefully, Judge King will do what's right. There's been enough contradictions in the hearing thus far to warrant a new trial for Gary Thibodeau.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Greg Oakes

As usual, the Republicans are said to be supporting Greg Oakes for District Attorney and are expected to endorse him at a meeting held later this month at the Castaways, the infamous hangout of Fred Beardsley.

The Democrats have an excellent candidate, we are told, and one who could surely give Oakes a run for the money.

And it's not only the Gary Thibodeau case that has the public up in arms over Oakes.  It's his handling of all cases, or lack of handling. Lawyers complain about Oakes quite often.

We've also heard that Oakes has a habit of putting drug dealers into Drug Court instead of prosecuting them.

We also know of someone who has something on Oakes that is very damaging. It's a shame that person doesn't release this information to the public. It's an alleged abuse of office intended to harass. 

Instead of focusing on filing complaints against Judge Hafner, or having others file complaints, Oakes should focus on the job he was elected to do.

The biggest blow to the county GOP was having Hafner elected as judge. They need to learn to live with it. It's only one judge that they can't  control. Big deal. 

One thing is for certain, the DA's race will be one to watch. The person running against Oakes has no skeletons in his closet, is non-political, and would serve the public quite well. 

Time will tell.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Please read

We've had to delete a lot of comments lately because commenters are using initials. We've said over and over again that we will not post comments that refer to people by their initials.

We have many readers from all over the United States. They may not know who MB, CD, JS, etc... are, hence, we aren't going to publish those type of comments.

Please be considerate of all our readers, who may or may not know who's being referenced.

Also, to the pot/kettle commenter, you landed in the spam file because your comment came through three times.

Thank you,

Mr. Onion

Monday, May 4, 2015


We hear that former treasurer John Kruk was in the county treasurer's office one day last week.

Wonder what he was doing there?

Shame on the public for voting a high school dropout into such an important office. Fred Beardsely, who can't even remember to zip hi pants.