Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Minetto VFD

What a party

 If you live in Minetto check out what you pay for fire tax. We are told that this gala event took place at the Minetto Fire Hall.

Of course, they weren't concerned with liability. 

There's no reason why they couldn't have this party at a restaurant. They'd rather put the taxpayers at risk. What if someone fell and got hurt? What if someone left the party under the influence and killed someone on the road? We heard there was a drunk bus but that doesn't mean everyone is sensible enough to use it. 

Shame on whoever came up with this brilliant idea. Next time, think of the people paying the bill to have a fire department.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Court Race

A letter about Lou Anne Coleman

 The following is a letter we received about Family Court candidate Lou Anne Coleman. We withheld the name per the author's request.

Dear Peeled Onion,

Everyone I work with reads you site and I know a lot of other people do too. I'd like to tell you about Lou Anne Coleman. Please don't publish my name because my case is still in Family Court.

My experience with Lou Anne was not a good one. She's always rushed, abrupt and doesn't dedicate the time she should to cases. She's arrogant and condescending. She'll brush you off because she has to go pick up her kid or for some other excuse that she pulls out of a barrel.

She'll tell you one thing and get into court and tell the judge the complete opposite. I've read in your comments where people said she's loud. I found this to be so myself. I once overheard her talking about someone else's case and I was sitting quite a distance away from her.

I personally think she'd be a disaster in Family Court. It's not a place for a condescending and arrogant attitude. People are in Family Court for custody matters or child support, two important issues that impact a child(ren). It's not the place to be standoffish and condescending. 

I believe she would be as much of a disaster as Judge Seager. I would ask that voters, if they have the chance, talk to someone who has had to deal with Lou Anne Coleman. Not too many will give her a favorable review. I know I don't.

I see she's now trying to put on a facade of being this great advocate for children. In my situation she was anything but.

I have spoken to people on the Democrat Committee and they said they aren't voting for her. When the people on the very committee of her party aren't supporting her, it speaks volumes.

Thank you. I wish you had a letter section. The comments aren't always seen or read. Would you consider one?


Figure this out

 A couple readers wrote comments about Jeremy Powers' statement. This is one of the comments:

To The Peeled Onion--the facts as you've stated them in this article above are incorrect. Please note the information contained on Page 2 of Jeremy Powers' statement. I respectfully recommend that you correct the story. Thank you.

Now here is part I of Jeremy Powers statement:

You can clearly see that he stated, "On Sunday, I was at my neighbor's and Nicole called me and said that the news had mentioned someone was out digging around the cabin. We thought we were going to be in trouble because we knew it was us. We had decided to walk back out there around noon Sunday to see if anyone else had been back and we kicked some more stuff around a bit."

Here is his statement in Part II:

Here he states, "After we got back to the house on Sunday from digging was when I was at my neighbor's house and Nicole saw on the news they had found this newly turned up dirt out there."

Now, Jeremy Powers completely contradicts himself in his statement. In Part I he says they went back out because it was in the news that someone had disturbed the site and went back out to see if anyone else had been there. In Part II he says they heard it when they got back. The statement was given July 29- two days later- and he couldn't recall the order of events?

In Nicole's statement she says they went home when they left the site Sunday.

There's no statement from the neighbor in the filing to confirm what time Powers had been there. That's rather odd for an investigation of this size and the fact that these folks were out digging around a crime scene.

Someone close to the investigation told us that there were people at the scene before noon. Darron Vecchio was called to the scene around 1:30 pm. The Powers' claim they were there for an hour, so probably until 1 pm. It's unlikely that the first thing the investigators did when they found the cabin disturbed was to track down Vecchio.  Surely, they must have examined the footprints and the disturbance. 

And here's a tweet dated July 27 and time stamped 12:31 pm.

The bottom line is that the Powers' should have never been out there kicking things around to begin with, it's a crime scene. And the DA and OCSD should have confirmed the story with the neighbor. 

Hopefully, Lisa Pebbles will be calling both to testify at the hearing. Because, in our opinion, this just doesn't make any sense at all. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Holes in the story

Likely impossible

 The story of Jeremy and Nicole Powers just doesn't add up. 

They claimed they went to the site on July 24 and kicked some stuff around. 

On Sunday, the 27th, Nicole heard on the news that someone was out digging around the cabin. Jeremy thought they were going to be in trouble. They walked back out there, and this time Jeremy brought a pointed shovel and spent about an hour there digging some more.

The first news report we can find taking about the site being disturbed is July 27 at 2:45 pm by John O'Brien of Television news started reporting it around 4:30 pm.

Now, it goes without saying that the disturbed site was found before it was reported and by that time there were swarms of people there- police, media, Lisa Pebbles, etc...  

So, it seems impossible for Nicole to have heard it on the news and then have gone back. And wasn't the site secured by sheriff deputies after that?

Didn't DA Oakes catch this when these statement were taken? If not, he's a piss poor DA. Come on, by the time it hit the news there were too many people there for the Powers' to go back to the site.

This really needs further probing. 

Here's a good story on wrongful convictions that has some info about Gary Thibodeau and here's a news report about the November hearing being cancelled. 

Hopefully we'll be able to post a link to a news story about the holes in the Powers' story because it certainly warrants one. Don't let it get swept under the carpet.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It just keeps on a going...

Hopefully someone can make sense of this

Wow, we just want to say thank you to our readers. We broke a record this week with 4,567 new visitors. Our daily high this week was 9,256 visitors on Wednesday with Friday and Saturday being just over 9,000 each day. 

 This is District Attorney Greg Oakes nonchalant passage about Nicole and Jeremy Powers, aka Nancy Drew and Joe Hardy.

In Jeremy's statement he said his wife had called him at work to tell him she saw something on the news about Heidi Allen being buried in a cabin off Rice Road. When he got home from work around 7 pm, he and his wife went for a walk to where the cabin is and kicked some stuff around. That was July 24 and he said they were out there for 20-30 minutes.

On Sunday, the 27th, Nicole heard on the news that someone was out digging around the cabin. He thought they were going to be in trouble. So what did they do? Why, they walked back out there, and this time Jeremy brought a pointed shovel and spent about an hour there digging some more. They didn't call to tell anyone because they wanted to spare a wild goose chase. 

We aren't posting the statements because they are handwritten sloppily but you can find them in Oakes filing (exhibits 6 & 7). 

In this article, Deb Vecchio, whose son built the cabin in the early 1990s, said she spotted two men just off Rice Road in the woods near the cabin at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Oakes wrote that the Sheriff's Department "ultimately located and identified the two individuals who were seen by Deborah Vecchio."  She said earlier she saw two men. Nicole obviously isn't a man.

The DA fails to mention how he located the Powers'.  In reading the entire filing, the DA is vague on a few things.

This entire Nancy Drew/Joe Hardy fiasco seems to have more holes than the ozone.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Who does this?


DA Greg Oakes filed his novel last week and one of the most egregious bits of information in it is that a married couple, Jeremy and Nicole Powers, were identified as the people who had disturbed a cabin off Rice Road back in July.

Really? And these folks aren't being charged with a crime? Obstruction? Government interference? 

Supposedly this couple went to the cabin and "kicked some stuff around" on July 24. Three days later Jeremy Powers went back with a shovel July 27 to dig down around the area a bit.

For crying out loud, these people had to know there was an ongoing criminal investigation. Did they think they were looking for the Harborfest medallion? 

This couple should have been interrogated as to what they were doing and why. DA Oakes is flippant about it in his filing, as if it's something we all decide to do when we read in the paper that remains might be found in a cabin in the woods.

It's another piece of a puzzle that doesn't fit. We give Nicole and Jeremy Powers the Idiot Award. It's well deserved.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gary Thibodeau case

Score card needed

 There are so many twists, turns, he said, and she said's in the Heidi Allen case that it's really hard to keep score.  One thing is evident, there's definitely enough discrepancies to warrant a hearing.

There's a couple things coming out that are a bit disturbing.  One is that it's becoming apparent that Heidi Allen may not have been the good girl next door and that she possibly hung out with the wrong type of people. The more we learn, the less she is looking like the image that was portrayed by the Sheriff's Department and the family. Not to say there's no sympathy for her. There is. She certainly didn't deserve the fate she met and we pray her family will find the answers they have sought for so long.

It's really a shame that Heidi's family didn't tell the truth 20 years ago. This quote is from an article in

"Members of Allen's family also told reporters in 1995 that as far as they knew, Allen was not a police informant."

It's been well established that Heidi's uncle suggested she provide the information she knew about drugs, and the deputies said they met with Heidi and her parents. Had they told the truth 20 years ago, there's a good chance Gary Thibodeau would be home with his family right now. 

Two interesting items of interest came up today. The first is the news about the cadaver dogs picking up the scent of human remains in the area where there once was a cabin.

The other is that federal public defender Lisa Peebles showed that DA Greg Oakes contradicted himself in his recent filing in regard to when Gary Thibodeau's lawyer was notified about Heidi being a drug informant.

Why this information was kept under wraps is anyone's guess, but we're sure some of our readers have opinions. We'd love to hear them.

We also hear that Sheriff Todd is still out of work but recuperating well.

Richard Murtaugh

Is this the same one?

  We received the following in our email this morning and we are curious if this is the same Richard Murtaugh who is mentioned in the Heidi Allen case.

 This past March the Oswego County Legislature settled this lawsuit  with a Richard Murtaugh that was filed in 2011.

We were told that legislators had to sign a confidentiality agreement to never disclose the amount of the settlement.

Why is this being kept secret from the public? 

Really now?

Is the county trying to hire this woman?

 There's a rumor circulating in the county building that David Turner, the promotion and tourism and planning director, is trying to find Beth Hilton a job with the county.

This is the same woman we wrote about here. 

Of course, she'd fit right in with the  twice-bankrupt county auditor Steve Loadwick and the one-time bankrupt legislature clerk Wendy Falls.

Unrelated to the county, it's been alleged that someone may have been embezzling money from the YMCA over the course of years.

Whomever that is, if it's true, may be able to secure employment with the county.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

About the captcha

Sorry you're seeing it

 Readers wishing to comment are now having to fill in the captcha. We apologize for it. We did not put it on, Google did.

The reason for it is because early one morning the county Pulaski Highway Garage IP had sent an influx of comments in a short time frame and the comments fell into the spam folder because of the frequency and because of a large number of expletives. The filter flagged them as robotic and we have to have the filter on until we can get the Pulaski Garage blocked from the site.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  We anticipate this should be cleared up soon.