Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just another good example of why Greg Oakes shouldn't be the DA

It is unfathomable how Oakes could even consider a plea deal with this killer.

And to give the killer time to think about his plea is unbelievable. 

This is why Oswego County needs a new district attorney. This man, who killed  an innocent, defenseless child, gets a plea deal and time to ponder it.


Shame on DA Oakes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

County's slacking

It might behoove the county to check their trucks once in a while. This morning a county truck pulled out in front of a car and proceeded to drive along Rte. 48. The left taillight was out, and the driver must have forgotten he had signal lights as he stopped dead in the road to make a right turn.

Since it was before 8 a.m. maybe he hadn't had his coffee yet.

The county has mechanics, don't they?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The long goodbye

Deputy county clerk Georgiana Mansfield is retiring and at last Thursday's meeting when she was given her "feel good" award for her dedication to the job, she gave the longest, tackiest, tasteless speech probably in the history of county government.

Many may recall that Mansfield was fined by the county's ethics board for working with a county clerk vendor at the same time she was working for the county.

Others may recall she received a large raise to take on the duties of an account clerk, then shortly after an account clerk was hired.

The first time then clerk George Williams asked for a raise for Mansfield, Legislator Morris Sorbello cast the no vote that caused the motion to fail. That was political suicide for Sorbello as Williams then went after him in the next election, typical county GOP revenge style. Williams got Mike French to run and Sorbello got the shaft.

Oh, the Mansfield memories are plentiful. In more recent years, she ran out of her office crying when an investigator from the AG's office went in to question her.

Keeping it tastless, Mansfield acknowledged each of the Republican committee members with a hug while ignoring the Democrat members.

Oddly, the legislature broke their tradition and didn't give Mansfield a standing ovation. Not even the Republicans.

That spoke volumes.

Sadly, we hear Matt, the DWI guy, Bacon will be the new deputy. He, too, had a scolding from the county's ethics board for going to a restaurant with a vendor during the bidding process--a big no-no.

At least the Republicans are keeping the status quo. 

Goodbye Georgiana. Plenty are happy to be rid of you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Well this is interesting

We've spoken with several Republican's who carried nominating petitions for DA Greg Oakes and we were told they had a problem getting signatures as many refused to sign.

One person said he lost two votes because he carried Oakes petition. He asked a couple if they would sign for Oakes and they said absolutely not, nor would they vote for the person because he was carrying Oakes petition.

We talked with a couple people who said they couldn't get even one signature.

The issue isn't just the Thibodeau case; it's the drug dealers who are getting put into drug court instead of jail, and who are right back to dealing drugs. That has a lot of people upset.

And we've spoken with some firemen who aren't too happy that he's putting the drug dealers in drug court. They are concerned because it is they who must answer the fire calls when a meth lab blows up.

Some said they were told Oakes isn't tough on crime, so they wouldn't sign. 

And it's been alleged, but not confirmed, that Oakes may have let off one of his own relatives. We are working to confirm this.

This race may not be a shoe-in for Oakes. 

His opponent, Michael McAndrews, will be tough on crime and won't be afraid to investigate wrongdoing in county government. Nor will he go after a legislator who turns in wrongdoing. Or use county resources to hand deliver a letter to a legislator who turned in wrongdoing-- a letter that may have crossed ethical lines.

The voters have a choice. Choose wisely.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Is Judge King on an extended vacation?

The last we had heard, Judge King was going to schedule the continuation of the Brady Hearing for Gary Thibodeau after the DNA testing of the knife came back.

Well, they've been back for quite some time and all is silent.

Many in the community believe the hearing and/or decision is being stalled until after the election. This wouldn't be surprising. It's a well-known tactic used by both major parties.

Yet, Gary Thibodeau sits in prison with no answer as to whether he will be entitled to a new trial.

The answer should be simple. A Brady Hearing is for the purpose of determining if information not presented at trial would have changed the outcome of the verdict.

We all know the answer to that. Heidi Allen was a confidential drug information for the Oswego County Sheriff's Department and one juror has already publicly stated that, had that information been presented, it certainly would have changed her mind.

How hard can that be for Judge King? 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

County picks another winner

We heard that Mark Powell is the choice legislators made to replace Frank Visser as the director of the Energy Recovery Facility.

Wise choice, legislators. Keeping with tradition, another loser is hired.

Perhaps now he can spend more time at Planet Fitness with a county vehicle.

Knock on Wood...

Here's to another good choice.

Nothing like violating DoD directives

We aren't sure which is worse. A potential mayor who has no clue about laws and protocol or an Army specialist who is doing what is prohibited from being done in uniform.

Not only did Billy Barlow take a tasteless opportunity to portray a connection to the military, the Army specialist risks his own military career if someone in the right place takes notice.

The DoD directive clearly forbids what this soldier did.

We all love our military, but this is unethical and in violation of the DoD.

Shame on Billy Barlow. If he wants to be the mayor of Oswego, he should know right from wrong. 

It doesn't speak well to his character. And to promote it on Facebook as if it's an endorsement is equally wrong. 

We only know this Army specialist's last name is Boardway.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Next county legislature meeting

Hmmmmm. Are they held at the county building in downtown Oswego or are they held at Castaways in Brewerton?

Inquiring minds want to know...... 

Next time you're in the Brewerton area stop in. You just might catch a quorum of legislators.

And some others.

Happy Monday. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rodney Trask?

We hear that Rodney Trask is running against Bob Hayes for legislator. That could be an interesting primary.

Rodney is... well, Rodney is a different character but likable and as a former assessor for the Town of Schroeppel he could probably be an asset to chief accountant Robin McMillen. 

Hayes, according to some legislators, is running the legislature. He's a Beardsley puppet.

But Hayes is a puppet without a spine. He has publicly criticized county administrator Phil Church and he has allegedly done so in caucus plenty of times, yet, he will vote for him when Church comes up for reappointment. Because some of these legislators prefer to keep someone incompetent in a job that pays over one hundred grand rather than do what's best for the taxpayers. 

Hayes was pimping his son Jim for various county jobs until he finally got him one with Senator Patty Ritchie. 

We also were told that Hayes caught Baby Backus in a huge lie (as if catching Backus in a lie is anything new), so we know he's not a Backus boy. Maybe Backus got Trask to run? If Backus did, then we here at the Onion would actually have to give Backus a kudos. 

If the people in Hayes' district only knew how much of a "yes" man Hayes is they wouldn't be too happy. 

Trask would be likely to hammer on the highway department. He's no fan of highway superintendent Kurt Ospelt and Trask would be someone who'd make noise if and when there's wrongdoing within the department. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Who will it be?

The legislature will be naming the person who will be filling Frank Visser's position in Solid Waste next week.

We've heard a lot of rumors that it will be someone who already works there. Someone who... let's just say... doesn't have a stellar work history with the county. It would only stand to reason that the powers-that-be would hire someone who had been caught stealing from the county in the past.

Time will tell.