Monday, November 24, 2014

Imagine that...

Now we are hearing that Oswego County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt said there's enough sand at the Hannibal Transfer Station for two years.  That's two years the towns shouldn't have to travel to Scriba.

So, the transfer station went from having no sand to sand.  

There has yet to be any accountability to the taxpayers for the road built on former legislator Jack Beckwith's property. That was nothing more than a waste of money--money that should be reimbursed to the taxpayers.

The county doesn't have money to waste. Sales tax revenue is down by a half million dollars. The Republican's do little to curb spending. There's few department's with time clocks, so there's little accountability to the public.  Employees have been cheating on their "honor system" time tracking for years. When Steve Lyman was the county administrator he caught some of those cheaters and he wanted time clocks for all, but the unions didn't want them. Why? What's wrong with being accountable to the public?

We have yet to hear if the towns will be allowed to get sand from the Hannibal Transfer Station, but if you drive up in there, you'll see there's plenty to spare.

Game over, Mr. Ospelt.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Morey tape

Apparently this isn't showing in the search engine because we've had a lot of requests to repost.

This is Don Morey talking about why Tracey Road Equipment should have gotten a bid. Loyalty to the Oswego County Republican Party outweighs cost to the taxpayers.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hannibal happenings

We hear that the Hannibal Town Board is going to hold their budget hearing Wednesday morning at 10 am. That's one surefire way to keep the public from attending.

Jack Beckwith Jr. the new town justice allegedly wants a 42 percent pay increase. Nothing like letting the seat get warm before asking for a pay raise.

Bucky wasn't able to attend Wednesday night's meeting. He was most likely at the Granby Republican's dinner. Good way to escape the questions about the sand that miraculously appeared at the Hannibal Transfer Station.

Ahhh, the small town life.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

This and that

  •  We have spoken to someone who ensures that the time sheets, GPS records and state road patrol records of two county highway employees are being investigated by an outside agency.
  • We leaned that after all the digging and preparations for solar panels at the Hannibal Transfer Station was possibly for naught.  The solar panels, we were told, will be placed at the Scriba Garage instead. No sense making renovations to a transfer station that could be closing next year or the year after.
  • Democrats are pushing to have new chief accountant Robin McMillen pay back the cost of a taxpayer funded conference that she attended in Buffalo that Dems say had nothing to do with her. Former chief accountant Mark See never attended one of those conferences, that are geared for legislators.
  • Speaking of McMillen, we hear she's in way over her head and that department heads are beyond frustrated with her. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ospelt has some explaining to do

 It appears the Hannibal Transfer Station is filled with sand, acres and acres of sand. Nice sand.

This picture doesn't do justice to the amount of sand.

Some legislators are now questioning why county highway superintendent Kurt Ospelt tried to contract with former legislator Jack Beckwith for sand, claiming that there was no more at the Hannibal Transfer Station.

Not only that, but Ospelt forced the towns who were getting sand from the transfer station to drive to Scriba. That put a crimp in some town budgets.

Obviously, the county won't need Beckwith's sand anymore.

We also have an email written by Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner that suggests Legislator Terry Wilbur knew about the sand agreement between the county and Beckwith, but didn't know about the road supposedly.

The next meeting could be a good one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Wonder if they'll find anything when they're done with Oswego County. This is a good story. 

We know that Brian Kehoe and Ken Wheeler's time sheets, GPS records, and state sheets are in their possession.

We also heard that Robin McMillen was hired as the chief accountant because Margaret Bailey was unavailable. 

Oh Bucky

Oswego County Majority Leader Terry Wilbur, whose nickname is Bucky, is big in agriculture, so we're told.

Apparently he serves on some agricultural committee for the state. It's surprising then that he doesn't know how to look up or read an topographical map, such as the state provides.  Most likely, the county has some tucked away somewhere as well. 

When county highway superintendent Kurt Ospelt negotiated with former legislator Jack Beckwith for sand, Bucky should have checked the map and he would have found where all the sand lies in Hannibal. He'd then see that the Hannibal Transfer Station had plenty. And when Ospelt cut off Hannibal from getting sand from the transfer station, Bucky could have saved his town plenty if he had checked the map. Because it sure looks as if there's plenty of sand at the transfer station.

Major fail, Bucky!

Monday, November 17, 2014

A lawyer?

Dan Barney, whose name comes up from time to time in the Heidi Allen case, purports to be a lawyer, according to this information found on the Internet.

His listed client is the Vicious Circle Motorcycle Club in Mexico, NY

We received this via email

On 2/4/09, Daniel E. Barney, 41, of 56 Mason Rd., Mexico, was arrested at 1:01 p.m.for Assault 3rd, a class A misdemeanor and Menacing, Third Degree, a class B misdemeanor stemming from the investigation into an incident of which reportedly occurred outside Sticks Bar in the town of New Haven where he allegedly continued to punch and kick an individual numerous times and bounce the individual’s head off of 4x4 posts used to hold the porch up. Mr. Barney was arraigned in the Town of Scriba Court by Hon. Judge Adkins and ROR’d, scheduled to appear in the Town of New Haven Court on 2/12/09.

And this

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Barney

Sent: Wed, May 5, 2010 6:47 pm
Subject: Assault Trial!!!!!!!!

Brothers,thanks to all who have shown an interest in my assault trial which will unfold on this Friday the 7th of May at Scriba town court. For those that plan on attending please be advised,jury selection willnot be complete until 10:30-11:00 so anytime after11:00-noon will be good to show up. Very important!! Do not show up wearing anything that looks intimidating or that wood give the impression that you are in a club,a biker or a baddass. When you enter the courtroom sit on the side that I am on,do not say or yell anything no matter what happens,remain professional at all times and always be courteous and respectful. The address is Scriba Town Court, 42 Creamery Road,Oswego,NY 13126. Much respect Dan

And this

Sent: Sat, May 8, 2010 4:42 am
Subject: Court Case

Brothers,thanks for all of the support throughout this lengthily court case. When the attorneys and I showed yesterday for trial the assistant
DA stated that they didn't want to take it all the way and offered a conditional discharge with no fine,no probation and no jail time. If I had taken it to trial,there is always the possibility that I could have been found guilty and done a year in jail. Everything worked out in the end,thanks again for being concerned and standing behind me. Dan

The sender alleged that the ADA who dropped this is none other than Greg Oakes.  Imagine having the crap beat out of you and the offender getting off with a wrist slap. 

Must be the DA's office didn't want to overcrowd Sheriff Todd's jail.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our policies... once again

From time to time we receive emails or messages accusing us of withholding comments. For the umpteenth time, if too many comments are sent in from the same IP address, the comments go into the spam filter and we can't retrieve them.  Unfortunately, this isn't a forum such as where you can chat back and forth with one another. Sorry.

From time to time people comment that we are this person, that person, on and on. We won't post comments that accuse a person or persons not involved with this site. 

Today we received a comment about our referring to Michael Backus as Baby Backus. We did NOT start the nickname Baby. That started long before this blog. Someone in the county office complex referred to Backus as a baby and it just took off from there. Even Republican legislators have called him Baby from time to time. 

We've also been asked why we bash Oswego County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt. We don't. We hold him accountable to the public. Let's review:

  • Several of his employee allege that they told him about Gregg Potter's use of a county computer to view pornography. The employees also allege that Ospelt did nothing about it. The employees went to a legislator, who took the allegation to the DA. The computer was confiscated and sent away to be examined. The allegations were founded. As a side note, County Administrator Phil Church has not released the number of "porn" hours on the computer. Those are hours that you the taxpayer paid for.
  • In the past 20 years or so, Ospelt has gone to his jurisdictional committee over two dozen times about sand pits and sand pit agreement requests, yet he arbitrarily signed an agreement with former legislator Jack Beckwith. Oops! He forgot to tell the committee. They got zinged with the information when Jim Kenyon came to town to do a story.
  • Several employees allege that they advised Ospelt that two of their coworkers were padding their time sheets and nothing was done about it, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. 
  • Ospelt verbally accosted three of his employees behind Malone's Garage, where they held a union meeting because Ospelt failed to return phone calls to highway union president Joey Solazzo.  Solazzo has proof of his attempts to reach Ospelt. One return call could have avoided plenty of headache, controversy, and time wasted trying to punish Solazzo. Personnel Director Carol Alnutt told Solazzo he was in his rights to meet wherever. The county ended up dropping their pursuit of Solazzo, which was probably a good thing as the entire fiaso was caught on video. 
  • Some employees and even some legislators have said that in the past couple years or so Ospelt's personality has majorly changed. They claim he went from a happy, professional, and attentive boss to someone who doesn't seem to care about his job anymore. Even legislators have complained that he doesn't return phone calls and many have said he always seems bothered or distracted by something. When an employee earns close to $100,000 a year, it's probably in their best interest to return calls to legislators.
A reader sent the picture of Ospelt. Since we began this site, we've received pictures of Ospelt at various locations with various females. We don't care about that. 

We think some of the pictures that the county releases are funny, such as the one we posted of Ospelt. And our favorite one of Fred Beardsley with his fly down. Guess whoever is in charge of the pictures doesn't check them too well.

As we've said before, if you don't like us, don't read us. If you do read us, stay tuned because tomorrow we have something interesting about a lawyer? 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby had better get busy

We hear Michael "Baby" Backus is good friends with Al Manwaring and has been trying to get him a job with the county. All we can say is... he better hurry.

Anyone who reads the comments under anything to do with the county highway department will see remarks about Oswego County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt being a womanizer. Even a female county employee made a comment about it.

So, a reader sent this in and we thought it was pretty funny. Where's that hand of his going?!