Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gary Thibodeau

Should he be released immediately?

 With all the new evidence surfacing about the Heidi Allen case, many are of the opinion that Gary Thibodeau should be released immediately.
It's got no bearing on the case whether they find Heidi's body.  It's dependent on the evidence.
 That evidence is that the Sheriff's Department withheld evidence, maybe so that it didn't come out that they compromised Heidi Allen's identity as a confidential drug informant. 

 It sure appears as if the Sheriff's Department did what they could to point the finger at the Thibodeau's. 

The judge in this case needs to request the Attorney General's office do a thorough investigation into what happened. The public should be demanding this as well.  How many other people might be sitting in jail or prison when they are innocent?

You can contact the AG's office at:
Office of the Attorney General The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Breaking news in Family Court Race

Not good news for Sal Lanza

 We have received a tip that the Oswego County Bar Judicial Candidate Review Committee voted to NOT recommend Sal Lazna as being qualified for judge.
Our source tells us that an official announcement is expected Monday or Tuesday, so it will likely be Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.

 That's quite a blow for Mr. Lanza.  

 The candidate field, which started with Jim Eby, Thom Benedetto, Eben Norfleet, Ed Izyk, Lou Ann Coleman, and Lanza is narrowing.

 We've heard that Benedetto has allegedly been presenting himself as running against Judge Kim Seager, not outright, but giving enough of an innuendo that people believed he was running against Seager, who isn't ranking highly with the public.

 Benedetto also gave a political speech at the last meeting of the Oswego County Legislature, which was held in the Pulaski Court House. The last time he ran he used court resources.  Apparently, he has no respect for the court.

 Not too many voters are warm and fuzzy about Coleman either. Some had said she's loud and obnoxious, and several who have had her as a law guardian said she completely sucked and couldn't even remember their kids names when they got into court. 

Whoever gets elected will need to get along with Seager, like her or not. We've heard both Coleman and Benedetto did some nasty things to Seager during Seager's campaign.

As for Lanza, who knows? Maybe Baby Backus is behind it. Anyone who knows Backus is aware he knows everyone on the planet, and we hear he does like to drop Judge Tormey's name quite a bit. We wonder if Judge Tormey knows Backus throws his name around and what he thinks of it.

It does seem like something political is going on behind the scenes. Time will tell. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

You gotta love it

Local lawyer blasts Senator Ritchie

 Local lawyer Tina Bennet is on a roll.  Below is a copy of an email she sent to Senator Patty Ritchie blistering her for hiring former Village of Phoenix administrator Jimmy Hayes. 

 Before we get to the content of Ms. Bennet's letter, we will give you a little background on Jimmy. He is the son of Legislator Bob Hayes and friend of Baby Backus. Several years ago, there was a secret attempt to oust Wendy Falls as the legislature clerk and replace her with Jimmy. That didn't work so they tried to make him the county purchasing director.  That didn't work because the Republican hierarchy knew the Dems would humiliate them if Jimmy got the job.

 So where do the Republicans throw their waste? Why, in Senator Patty Ritchie's office.  That's where former legislator Louella LeClair works too.  

 Poor Jimmy was often shrouded in controversy when he worked as the Village of Phoenix administrator, and now Ms. Bennet is calling him out for failing to report the village's serious drinking water problems, that she says he was aware of.

Ms. Bennet should be applauded for taking a stand against not only a serious issue, but for calling out a political hack.  She does have a way with words, doesn't she?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who should be the next DA

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 Sheriff Reuel Todd and DA Greg Oakes have been the talk of the county lately. 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where's the Sheriff?

More on the Heidi Allen case

 Syracuse.com has another story today about the Heidi Allen case.  As the mystery unravels, Gary Thibodeau sits in a prison, a place where it looks more and more like he doesn't belong.

 Sheriff Todd couldn't be reached for comment, according to the story. Perhaps if John O'Brien would mosey on down to Fred Beardsley's office, he'd find the Sheriff there. We hear he's been spending a lot of time in Beardsley's office of late.

  One of the more perplexing issues in this case is the way Chris Bivens and all these other purported witnesses could remember the time so well.  Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994, was also Daylight Saving Time. It's amazing that so many of these witnesses had changed all of their clocks and watches. Must be they changed everything before going to bed. Back in 1994, the cash register at the store would have needed to be changed manually. They didn't change automatically back then. Neither did vehicle clocks.  Going to church, one would obviously know the correct time, but just peering out one's window is sort of sketchy.

All of this withheld evidence coming to surface, one would think, would free Gary Thibodeau. If it doesn't, then there is something seriously wrong with our legal system.

Monday, August 25, 2014

County Clerk's office

Backus and IQS

 According to the Palladium Times, the county clerk's office renewed its contract with Info Quick Solutions of Liverpool. There was a lot of controversy when IQS got the contract with the clerk's office two years ago.

 It seems Baby Backus is happy with them, despite the fact they were the most expensive company to submit a bid.

 It was estimated that the clerk's office loses about $80,000 per year in copy fees to IQS. When someone wants a map, they have to order it from IQS and pay an exorbitant shipping and handling fee. That's actually how the entire IQS controversy came to light- a resident raised the issue as to why a map cost so much as opposed to the previous charge when it was done in-house. Apparently, Backus doesn't care that he's fleecing the taxpayers.

The company is now deducting 0ne percent from their fees, but even with the one percent, they are still more costly than the other companies that submitted proposals.

Backus is quoted as saying that he's never heard "overwhelming negative feedback" about the company.

Here are some facts:

Backus is the chairman of the Oswego County Republican Party. IQS is a donor to the party.

Deputy County Clerk Georgiana Mansfield was found guilty by the county's Ethics Board for working for IQS and the county. She was fined but not fired.

Williams admitted that several other clerk employees were also employees of IQS.

After IQS gave a presentation to the committee overseeing the clerk's office, then-county clerk George Williams, deputy clerk of operations Matt Bacon, and two principals from IQS went to the Lock Restaurant in Fulton for drinks.

Two other companies threatened to sue the county for false information about their companies stated at a meeting by the purchasing director and Williams.

Employees in the clerk's office have refused to sign the county's computer use policy because IQS employees have access to their computers (and who could blame the employees for refusing to sign).

When the last round of proposals went out, the entire thing was handled by county administrator Phil Church. Legislators were given little information during the process. Church set up a special committee, comprised of an employee of the state court- some of the local judges (with the exception of Judge Hafner, of course) are using IQS but the state court had no bills for IQS, so one can only assume they are receiving it for free or are piggybacking off the county.

Here's a play-by-play of the clerk's office and how little the Republican ruling legislators pay attention:

Ms. Mansfield was given a hefty raise back in the mid-2000s. Williams said the raise was warranted because Mansfield was taking on the role of senior account clerk.  

Jennifer Bisbo is and has been the senior account clerk.

Williams requested a title change from senior index clerk to deputy clerk of operations so that Matt Bacon could have the position. The senior position is civil service. The deputy position is not. Williams said at the time that it was simply a title change and that he would no longer need a senior clerk.

Williams next requested a senior index clerk so that he could bring the work back in-house.

The work is obviously still being done by IQS and the senior index clerk doesn't do what a senior index clerk is supposed to do.

The funniest thing in the Palladium-Times story is that Backus said his job involves focusing on the day-to-day operations.

We hear he is rarely in his office, has never attempted to learn what each employee does, and we're quite sure the gals at the DMV would have something to say about his "day-to-day operations."


Friday, August 22, 2014

Legislator releasing confidential information?

Were highway workers forced to retire?

 According to some county highway employees, the son of a legislator who works for the highway department, allegedly told his coworkers that his father had told him that both Ken Wheeler and Brian Kehoe were told to retire because of their time sheets not matching their GPS records.

 The son of this legislator allegedly said that Wheeler did retire and Kehoe refused.

 If this is true, then why is the legislator telling his son, or anyone for that matter, such confidential information?