Friday, March 27, 2015

Heidi Allen

There's been a lot of shock, disbelief and sadness among many when learning that Heidi Allen was really a confidential drug informant. This information should have come out long ago. 

We delete many comments each day chastising the Allen family and Russell Sturtz for allowing Heidi to be placed in such a dangerous situation and for not being forthright about it from the beginning. We will continue to delete these comments. 

As the anniversary of Heidi's disappearance approaches, please remember her in your prayers, if you pray, or in your thoughts.

And please think of the Allen family and Heidi's uncle. They may have their own guilt to deal with and burden to carry so please be kind in your comments.

The Pulaski Playpen

Oswego County Highway Department employees were notified that the Pulaski garage will be closed temporarily, supposedly because a bridge will be out.

We're hearing that it's going to be a permanent closure because the employees at that garage don't get along. They're all younger, but perhaps not wiser.

The county doesn't need three highway garages and they need to save money, and lots of it.

There's a lack of leadership in the department, which is probably why the employees bicker so much. 

According to a couple legislators, sending to the Parish highway garage every day might keep them from arguing so much. And the less they argue, the more work they can get done.

Sort of like being babysat.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

No surprises from Judge King posted a story saying that Judge Recess King won't allow the woman from Milwaukee testify about her ordeal when Michael Bohrer attempted to abduct her.

It's no surprise as the judge seems to have no interest in getting to the truth. A private meeting with former DA Donald Dodd, scolding Lisa Peebles and Randi Bianco. Granted this man is inexperienced, but he's so blatant in his bias and everyone's taking notice.

Why is whomever is in charge of the state court allowing this? Mind boggling that Judge Recess King hasn't been taken off this hearing.

This morning was nothing but a bunch of contradictions.

Sheriff Todd had previously testified that Van Patten dropped a business card. The former owner of the D&W who had found the card and called the Sheriff's Department said it was Heidi Allen's CI card. She said she wouldn't have called the department if it was merely a business card.  That makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is Chris Van Patten's testimony. Supposedly, although Heidi was a CI, she and her boyfriend Brett Law had only shared rumors, so she was a pretty insignificant CI. If she was so insignificant, then why was Van Patten carrying around her CI information and photo? 

Everyone is so taken aback by Judge Recess King. No one has seen a judge quite like him.

Lack of confidentiality in Board of Elections?

Apparently, there is. A reader sent us a screenshot that is purportedly written by Morgan Longley and she apparently is aware of why Dave Fontecchio's grandson was removed from his job at the BOE. Longley was hired to take his place.

Personnel matters are supposed to be confidential, not plastered on Facebook and certainly the election commissions shouldn't share any information with employees.

Although she didn't mention his name, most everyone knows who he is. It seems like a violation of ethics and opens the county up to a lawsuit from Fontecchio's grandson. 

Most people have long known that there's a lack of confidentiality in the BOE, but this takes it all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Morgan Longley post- NOTICE

We have removed the post on Morgan Longley obtaining employment with the Oswego County Board of Elections. We thought the public had the right to know that she got a job, coincidentally, right around the time her step-father Donald Dodd was to testify in the Thibodeau hearing.

But we have had quite a few readers contact us to tell us that Longley's boyfriend is threatening to harm those who commented, if he can determine who they are. Some have sent screenshots of his Facebook page and we are taking it seriously.

We do not want any of our readers, county employees, or anyone harmed or feeling threatened in any way for exercising their right to free speech.

We also received word that a legislator will be speaking to the county attorney about it, and that the NYS Board of Elections will be contacted and several readers said they are contacting the State Police.

We here at the Onion were not contacted nor threatened, hence, we will take no further action other than to say we are sorry anyone feels threatened and/or scared to go to work or speak freely. 

Than you to all those who contacted us and sent screenshots.

Judge King

It's hard to believe that one judge could anger so many with his arrogance and inexperience.

This judge obviously hasn't been a judge for very long (we hear one or two years) and it certainly shows.

He's not allowing critical testimony that not only shows the incompetence of the Sheriff's Department and DA back in 1994, but he's keeping the Allen family from having the answers they are seeking.

The more everyone hears, the more convinced they are that Gary Thibodeau isn't guilty. And the more everyone hears, the more convinced they are that this judge is tainted.

It's apparent that the higher-ups are trying their best to cover for Sheriff Todd. 

Court tomorrow will only be held until noon. Really? With the long lunches, recesses, and now a half-day, is Thibodeau getting a fair hearing? Why only a half-day? Does the judge have to run to Jamaica to stock up on coffee beans?

There just are no words to describe this judge. Many said they are going to file complaints against him. It really does no good. The NYS Commission on Judicial Ethics is a kangaroo court that protects its own, as long as they are from the right political party.

Click this link  if you want to file a complaint against Judge King. Letters must be signed. They do not consider anonymous complaints. If you need more information as to how to file a complaint, contact DA Greg Oakes. He's got lots of experience with the process.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

UPDATE: 11:53- lunch break. The judge must have had a moment when he allowed Bianco to question Dodd about his credibility because he wouldn't allow her to delve into some pertinent information in regard to Heidi's thumbprints. People leaving court are EXTREMELY UPSET with the judge. Things that are so important to the case, he's not allowing. Why? Who the hell is he really working for? Certainly not justice.

UPDATE 11:37 am- Maybe the judge can see how disgusted everyone is in the peanut gallery. He's actually allowing Biano to question Dodd about his credibility. Dodd has interesting selective memory.

Judge King is upsetting more and more of the court room spectators every time he opens his mouth. He refuses to let the truth come out. He's far too obvious now in his bias toward Greg Oakes, and it's now obvious even to some of those who believe Gary Thibodeau is guilty. That's bad when a judge appears corrupt on both sides of the aisle. You can even catch the media shaking their heads.

Bianco was blowing holes in Dodd's story and the judge shuts her down.

There's nothing more to say about this judge than WTF. 

Solid Waste director retiring

To the elation of some legislators, county Solid Waste Director Frank Visser is retiring.

Of course, it will be interesting to see what political hack they replace him with. Perhaps they can hire another of Fred Beardsley's buddies.

We are headed to the court house and will update when possible.

We are also expecting an update on the highway department time sheets -- that's far from over.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why isn't Lisa Peebles requesting a change of venue?

Another day of fairy tales has come to an end. Judge Recess has shown his true bias. 

Don Dodd on the stand. The man has no credibility or integrity-- but his step-daughter has a job. Someone should ask him about his allowing certain people to look at highly confidential Grand Jury minutes from another case when he was the DA. 

Note: We've been trying to update more often but we have so much traffic today that we've had a problem getting on here to update.  There's currently 1,756 people on here and we think our capacity is 2,000 at a time. Hang tight and keep trying if you have difficulty.

3:00 pm- Recess

1:25 pm- Whipple on stand. Judge still being horribly biased. He's too obvious. He should at least try to hide it better. The FBI really needs to investigate this judge and the state courts. How can this judge be so blatantly in favor of Oakes?   

Recess for lunch. An hour and 15 minutes. 

The judge continues to show favoritism. He is clearly biased and not allowing pertinent questioning. It must be the almighty powers are covering for Sheriff Todd no matter what. 

This judge is totally unbelievable. He doesn't even know how to hide his bias.

Recess. Waiting for a witness to arrive. 

Judge King is so incredibly biased and seems to be deliberately stalling. Shame on Lisa Peebles for not getting this hearing moved far away from the reach of Oswego County.

Here a witness comes from the Midwest and Judge King is being as a$$ about it. Why does he not want to know the truth? Why is he suppressing testimony?

We will keep you updated on the hearing happenings. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gary Thibodeau

There's a very good interview today with Gary Thibodeau on He certainly has a lot more faith in Judge King than most of the public does.

The hearing resumes tomorrow, and we ask that you keep your comments appropriate and PLEASE stop using initials. Our email gets flooded with readers who are frustrated that they don't know who's who. Keep in mind, on most days we have over 12,000 visitors from all over the United States, and our numbers grow each day.

That said, if what Gary Thibodeau said about the treatment by the Sheriff deputies is true, then Sheriff Todd needs to have a chat with them. They should keep their big fat mouths shut. If they want to talk, why don't they talk about the idiot Chris Van Patten, who dropped Heidi Allen's CI card, and probably put her life in danger.

Also, if you've noticed, we've been deleting comments that are off the topic of the post. Comments about Gary Thibodeau don't belong under a post about Terry Wilbur or Fred Beardsley. Please comment under the appropriate post or your comment won't be posted.

Again, this isn't, where commenters run astray and it's apparently okay.

Let's see how much of this Judge King does tomorrow- between recesses, of course.