Thursday, October 23, 2014

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County Health Department

Bye bye environmental health?

 A county employee, who asked not to be identified, emailed us this morning to say that the buzz word in the county's downtown office building is that legislators are considering the closure of the health department's environmental division.

That has been on the burner for years. Legislator Art Ospelt, who would often openly criticize the environmental health division, namely Natalie Roy (who if you were to ask most anyone, Art hated), was a staunch proponent of shutting it down.

Some legislators have alleged that they've received more complaints on Ms. Roy than any other county employee. It only goes without saying that they kept her gainfully employed despite the complaints from the public and despite their constant griping about her.

Many years ago, the military wanted to use the county airport for a training drill between the airport and Fort Drum, but the military said Ms. Roy gave them such a hard time, they would take their business to another county. Anyone present at the meeting when the military representatives told the jurisdictional committee their decision probably remembers the not-so-kind words they had to say about her.

One of the times they talked about getting rid of the entire department, someone suggested just getting rid of Ms. Roy.  But, as Ospelt would argue, the department is not needed. It's not state mandated and the employees who work under Ms. Roy have been too influenced by her. 

Since the legislators don't have the kahunas to close some of the under-utilized transfer stations, they may as well close environmental health.   

The Republican majority's mismanagement of tax dollars is catching up and already they are talking about a six percent tax increase.

Taxes are high enough. It's time to take some bold measures and get rid of duplicate services. The state can handle it. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Speaking of credibility...

Try to make sense of this

The following is from the court papers DA Oakes filed:

In any event, a store employee found the CI card and promptly
turned it over to a law enforcement. Further, a jury would likely hear that the card was dropped in 
late 1991 or early 1992, at least two years prior to Heidi's disappearance.

Heidi Allen disappeared in 1994 when she was 18 years old. This would have put her at 15 or 16 years old when she was recruited as a confidential drug informant.

To recruit an underage CI, the sheriff at the time would have had to approve it. That would be Sheriff Nellis. It's highly unlikely with his State Police background that he would have allowed it. 

Next there's the issue of what parent in their right mind would allow a 15 or 16 year old teenager to be placed in such danger?

There are so many contradictions and unanswered questions about the CI card that was lost.

Van Patten's recent statement said Allen gave no specific reference to any one person in particular, but in the evidence Oakes submitted shows "Acid-seller Rob LaBarge 12th grade Mexico Tubbs Road, Works w/ Dennis Dumas -speed- and then says "Julia Roberts" on the side, purportedly Allen's code name.

Then Deputy M.J. Anderson, in his original report stated that Allen was "never formally signed up as a confidential informant."

Van Patten and Montgomery contradict one another.

Then, as previously posted, Van Patten said he met with Allen and her parents at her residence,  but now we are reading that Allen's boyfriend drove her to the Sheriff's Department. This is confusing. 

Next we have Montgomery stating that he was on "routine patrol," stopped into the store, and was asked about the card and photo that had been found in the "parking lot."

Oakes wrote that an employee of the D&W convenience store found the card and "promptly turned it over to law enforcement." So, are we to assume that the store employee found the card and Montgomery just happened in at that moment? There's no indication that the employee called the Sheriff's Department to say the card was found.

And there's nothing clear to indicate who the store employee was, if he or she had been interviewed, how long the card was lost, or the time between the employee finding it and Montgomery just happening to stop in.

The only thing that is clear is that deputies sure seem to spend a lot of time at the store.

As for Donald Dodd's credibility, we'll save that for another time, or Lisa Pebbles could go talk to some legislators who were in office when he was and ask what Dodd allegedly offered to let them look at.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gary Thibodeau case

Too funny...

 The filing by DA Oakes is quite humorous. He chastises the defense for not questioning all these different people, yet the Sheriff's Department didn't either.

Here's a funny part about Tonya Priest:

In large part, this motion is the result of statements obtained and provided by Tonya Priest; however, the tale she has told is unreliable and unworthy of belief. Priest describes first hearing admissions by James Steen in 2006 that implicate him and two other men in the abduction, murder, and disposal of Heidi Allen. His ranting was so outlandish that she did not believe him at first. She claims she became convinced he was telling the truth after he killed his wife Victoria in 2010, but then she never contacted the Oswego County Sheriffs Department, the lead police agency  investigating Heidi's disappearance, or the Oswego County District Attorney's Office, which was then prosecuting Steen for the two murders. Her response is nonsensical.

It's nonsensical for the DA to think anyone would go to his office (BTW, we hear he's not in it much) or the Sheriff's Department. Doesn't he get it? They aren't trusted.  Some of the sheriff deputies don't even trust the sheriff, but they expect the public to?

Suddenly, in February of 2013, nearly seven years after she first heard Steen admit to killing Heidi, she decided to call a local attorney about the case. Again, she failed to call the Sheriffs Department or District Attorney's Office, the two primary law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over the case. There is no reasonable explanation for her behavior.

Did Oakes ever stop to think she may have been fearful of her own life? Steen is a cold-blooded killer and the lack of trust of the DA and Sheriff.  Duh.

Gary Thibodeau case

Apparently the DA needs an education in prison protocol

 District Attorney Greg Oakes' filing in the Gary Thibodeau case was released today by

Here's what's amazing. Doesn't Oakes know that if James Steen confessed to killing Heidi Allen that he would most likely be killed in prison for keeping an innocent person behind bars. So, it's unlikely Steen would fess up. Not only that, but he's probably not dumb enough to take any type of "lesser sentence" plea deal. A lesser sentence for murdering two people then standing trial for abducting or murdering another? 

It's expected that the DA wants to cover for the Sheriff's Department and the county. After all, if Thibodeau were to be found not guilty the county will pay out dearly.

Anything Donald Dodd says should be taken with a grain of salt. He didn't run again because the county Republican's didn't want him. 

We'll have more later.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lou Ann Coleman

Playing the age card

 Apparently Jim Eby has no flaws so Lou Ann Coleman is playing the age card claiming Eby can only serve five years if he wins the Family Court race.

 Many people have said they don't care- they would rather have judge positions be five years and not 10 or 15. So that's not really working for Coleman.

 Every morning we check the email here at the Onion and our inbox is filled with horror stories about Coleman. Here are a few excerpts from the mail we've been receiving. And yes, there are actual emails. 

"My divorce has been delayed because she's too busy campaigning. She claims to be all about the children. Must be everybody's except mine."

"She was the law guardian for my kids if that's what you want to call it. When we got to court she couldn't remember my kids names."

"Mrs. Coleman was the law guardian for my two daughters a few years ago. I was in family court for full custody and asked for supervised visitation because my ex is an alcoholic and had three DWS's. She told me it would be a walk in the park and not to worry, there was no way he was going to get the kids unsupervised or drive with them in the car. We get before the judge and she was saying that my ex is responsible and won't drink around the kids and there's no reason for supervised visitation. I was like WTF!  So my ex got unsupervised visitation. I hate her. She put my kids in danger."

"...she always favors the fathers when she's done flirting with them."

"I hope the Onion doesn't endorse Lou Ann Coleman. She's loud, obnoxious and bold. She thinks she's better than everybody else."

That's a sampling of what we've been receiving from our readers.

We think Eby might have this one in the bag. Who will you be voting for?

Friday, October 17, 2014

More on Gary Thibodeau

Support for Gary

 This was sent in and posted in the comment section, but we want to make sure everyone sees it. We have 5,000-6,000 visitors each day- and on Monday's we typically get over 8,000. 

We are posting the live link to the Facebook page as the comment section doesn't accept live links. 

Free Gary Facebook Page

DEAR SUPPORTERS: We ask you please join us on Nov 18th at the Oswego County Court hearing we ask you to wear white to symbolize innocence and/or blue to symbolize loyalty. We ask you to join us early to be out front of the courthouse with signs and then proceed in to listen to what is being said and done. With having Gary here we can show him our support more then ever now. Please tell your friends and neighbors share this on your wall we NEED a great turnout show Oswego County the we want the truth "" image

Gary Thibodeau case

Case unsealing

 According to, there will be a hearing to determine if the trial transcripts of Richard Thibodeau can be unsealed.

Like someone probably hasn't been in there to read them already.

When a case is sealed, it's placed in an envelope or boxed, taped, and the initials of who sealed it is noted.

We know for FACT that the case of county Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt back in 1999 or 2000 was ordered sealed by Judge Walter Hafner. We also know that then-county clerk George Williams unsealed the case and offered to show it to others. Williams, who is now deceased, didn't even keep the case file with all the other sealed cases. He kept it in a special vault or safe, where it sat unsealed so he could easily grab it if someone wanted to see it. 

Anyone who doesn't believe it can put in a Freedom of Information request to the county and ask for the letter County Clerk Michael Backus sent to Judge Hafner about the unsealed envelope.  As much as Backus is a liar and a freak, he did have the decency to have the case resealed and properly filed. 

How convenient is it that this hearing won't be held until after the general election? The wheels of justice are turning awful slowly.

It's a wonder why Governor Cuomo hasn't pardoned Gary. He easily could and there's certainly enough evidence  to overthrow the conviction. 

We were told by a Republican insider that win, lose or draw, the county GOP won't be supporting Oakes in the next election. We were told they don't think he can win--and he probably can't. He wasn't too popular before the Thibodeau evidence started coming out.

Oakes can say the witnesses aren't credible but the fact that Heidi was a CI is really important to the case. The fact Van Patten lost her information is important.  Wouldn't you love to hear his testimony if there's a trial and he takes the stand? 

Gary Thibodeau

Happy Birthday and shame on the DA

 We believe today is Gary Thibodeau's birthday. Hopefully it will be his last one behind bars.

 There are so many inconsistencies in the Heidi Allen case that it's inconceivable that if he were tried today he would be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

So to Gary Thibodeau, happy birthday from the staff at the Onion. 

In what we find to be very sad news, a man who is charged with severely beating a woman, and when we say severely we mean severely, appeared in court yesterday only to be told to come back in two weeks. He is free until that time and has been free since the time of his arrest.

Why can't the DA's office move cases such as this quicker? Why isn't the DA pushing to keep this man off the streets? 

This is such an insult to the victim, who is scared out of her mind because the perpetrator is free to do as he pleases. There are no restrictions.

All the time spent writing 10 inches of paperwork could have been better spent getting those who threaten to harm others off the street. Gary Thibodeau is behind bars- he poses no public threat. A man who beat a woman to near death is a threat.

We aren't posting the entire picture of her face to protect her as she is a victim of a horrible crime, but here is a snip of one of her bruises. 

We have heard many lawyers complain about DA Oakes, many. They alleged last year that cases weren't moving because he was home during the day with one or more of his kids. It's sad when those in the legal profession don't speak highly of a DA.

And it's no secret that Sheriff Todd has blamed Oakes for his jail overcrowding. 

Speaking of Todd, we hear he's on the road to recovery. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It must be nice

Legislators get discounted Bills tickets

 Every spring and fall, taxpayers pay dearly to send some county legislators (mostly Republicans) and POPs (Peons of Power) to the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) conference held in various cities throughout the state.

The organization is supposed to be a non-partisan group working for the good of the people. We aren't sure how well they work for the people but they sure work good for the those who attend.

This time around, attendees were offered discounted Buffalo Bills tickets and we are told they also got a bus ride to the stadium.  Wonder if they had a tailgate party? Wonder if they took more in gratuities than state law allows? 

This is how your hard earned money is spent. Legislators, and usually the administrator and Baby Backus, attend this conference too.

This year, the new chief accountant attended and we here somebody has some answering to do as to why she went. The former chief accountant never attended. 

In other news, we've been told that the chief accountant, Robin McMillen, now has yellow hair. Not blonde- yellow as in bright yellow. 

We regret that we don't have a picture of her in her new do... on second thought... no regrets.