Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some headlines from the Thibodeau case

Archives show three-ring circus

  Browse the Syracuse Newspapers archives for articles on the Heidi Allen case and put them together by category.  You will see the most egregious, and sometimes almost comical actions that would make anyone question how Gary Thibodeau landed in jail.

First, we bring you the headlines from the time Ken Allen allegedly fired a gun a Richard Thibodeau.

Article 22 of 234, Article ID: 9406240442
Published on June 24, 1994, Syracuse Herald-Journal (NY)
The Oswego County Sheriff's Department will take an accusatory statement signed by Richard Thibodeau today to a judge, who will decide whether to charge Ken Allen with menacing, Undersheriff Reuel Todd said.
Thibodeau, charged with kidnapping Allen's daughter, Heidi, on Easter, said Allen carried a weapon and allegedly fired a shot Saturday near his home on Egglestone Road in New Haven, Todd said. Alcohol was a factor in the incident, Todd said.

Article 24 of 234, Article ID: 9406300183
Published on June 30, 1994, Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
The father of a New Haven convenience store clerk who disappeared Easter morning has been charged with menacing the man accused in the girl's kidnapping.
Ken Allen, 47, of RD1, Box 262 Oswego, was arraigned Tuesday night in Scriba Town Court, and charged with one count of menacing. Allen was released on his own recognizance and is to return to court Aug. 11.

Article 193 of 234, Article ID: 9602240222
Published on February 24, 1996, Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
A menacing charge brought in 1994 against Ken Allen, the father of Heidi Allen, was dismissed Feb. 1 in Town Court, District Attorney Dennis Hawthorne Sr. confirmed Friday.
Allen had been accused of firing a shot near the home of Richard Thibodeau on June 18, 1994. At that time, Thibodeau had been accused of kidnapping Heidi Allen.

It must be okay to fire a gun at someone.

And then there's Goodsell saying Heidi Allen wasn't a police informant. Then why did they need to take all of her personal information and get her photograph? And if she spoke to the police about an "unrelated case" were those suspects or the suspect interviewed about her disappearance? How does a 16 year old know about drug deals?

Article 32 of 234, Article ID: 9407251273
Published on July 25, 1994, Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
Heidi Allen was not acting as a police informant against one of her suspected kidnappers, but she had spoken to investigators about an unrelated drug case two years ago, Lt. Dean Goodsell of the Oswego County Sheriff's Department said Sunday.
Two former jail cellmates claimed that Gary Thibodeau told them Allen was kidnapped and killed because she knew too much about his drug activities. As a result, police spent Sunday searching Thibodeau's house and 10-acre property on Kenyon Road.
Next the two inmates statements don't hold water, but who cares.

Article 34 of 234, Article ID: 9407260285
Published on July 26, 1994, Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
Police wrapped up their two-day search of kidnapping suspect Gary Thibodeau's home and property Monday, but found no trace of Heidi Allen, authorities said.
Oswego County Sheriff's Lt. Dean Goodsell said the results of the search, on Kenyon Road in Mexico, do not cast doubt on statements from two of Thibodeau's former jail cellmates, who claim Thibodeau told them Allen was buried on his property.
"We didn't really expect to find her here," Goodsell said.

Another contradiction...

Article 36 of 234, Article ID: 9407270702
Published on July 27, 1994, Post-Standard, The (Syracuse, NY)
Gary Thibodeau's former cellmates claim he told them that Heidi Allen had betrayed him in a drugdeal and that he had a relationship with her.
The statements by James E. McDonald of Webster, Mass., and Robert E. Baldasaro of Leominster, Mass., contradict what Oswego County sheriff's investigators and Allen's family and friends say about the 18-year-old Mexico woman who vanished April 3.

Hey, I'll make threats and resign so I can run for county legislator.
Article 76 of 234, Article ID: 9501110480
Published on January 11, 1995, Syracuse Herald-Journal (NY)
A New Haven town justice who is Heidi Allen's uncle has made threatening remarks about the two men charged in his niece's disappearance and the judge hearing the case, authorities say.
On Oct. 11, Oswego County Sheriff's Deputy George Korthas said he received a phone call from New Haven Town Justice Russell Sturtz that he considered threatening.

These are just some of the crazy circus acts in this case. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Transfer Stations

Guess they aren't closing

 The spinless Oswego County Legislature won't be closing the transfer stations after all. This means that those who use a private hauler will continue to subsidize the few residents who use them.

Where the legislature really failed is not addressing the problem that got them into the mess in the first place--the freeloaders who piggyback off one sticker.

It's pathetic that 17 Republicans with alleged brains can't address the problem. We won't count the eight Democrats because the Republicans don't listen to them anyway and they know the problem needs correcting.

One resident called a legislator and said he didn't know what he'd do if the transfer stations closed because he takes the trash for all his relatives--mother, mother-in-law, sisters, brothers... you name it. The guy should have a hauler permit.

Of course, when Solid Waste Director Frank Visser pushed for the Flow Control Law, he claimed it was going to be the financial save-all because he was losing loads of money on loads of trash being dumped out of county. Where's all that money Frank? Did any of the legislators bother to ask?

Perhaps the new chief accoutant-- Robin McMillen-- can get the transfer stations in the black, since the rest of the county's in the red--just like her hair.

It's a shame the legislators can't take real action to get the county out of its financial mess.

Image: Syracuse.com

Friday, September 26, 2014

This and that...

Friday ramblings

 We hear that two county officials have had recent heart/artery problems and have had stents put in. Sources tell us Sheriff Reuel Todd is recuperating and doing okay as is Promotion and Tourism Director David Turner. That's all we have heard about the two. 

If George Williams was still here, we'd know a lot more for sure. George was well-known for getting into the health records of county employees. He knew everything from who had high blood pressure or diabetes to who'd had a vasectomy.  Good ole George was the exception to HIPAA. 

And unbeknown to us until yesteday, the rising star (at least in his own mind) Michael "Baby" Backus is a regional vice-chairman of the state Republican Party. How impressive is that?! 

We also heard that he and his sidekick Dave Fontecchio were on the judicial selection committee as delegates or however it works. New York State does have one of the most complex systems for selecting candidates.

Oh gee, maybe they had something to do with getting Benedetto out of the Family Court race and into the Queens County race? After all, Baby is so important and we heard Fontecchio is allegedly from Queens. And Baby does know everyone who's anyone, at least in his own mind.

We also hear that within his own local party there's some plotting going on to oust him as the chairman and it's being done by some of his closest allies. If it's true, that's no surprise. It's laughable how people flock to him (of course, because of his importance) yet say they can't stand him, he lies all the time, he drops names, ect... and we've heard you don't want to get too close to him because he has horrible halitosis. We'll pass on trying to verify that.

We also heard that the county powers-that-be allowed Robin McMillen to attend the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) conference even though there's really nothing there for a chief accountant. She's the pretty gal in this photo.

We heard from both Republican and Democrat legislators that she was the choice of Legislator Terry Wilbur. Hopefully she didn't wear a clown suit to the conference.

Speaking of NYSAC, we also heard that this self-proclaimed non-partisan organization was quite political at the last conference, tooting the horns of the Republican Senate candidates. Yes, it's your tax dollars that pay for this partisan activity. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Judicial chess

Is it any wonder the public has no faith in the legal system

 Someone has obviously been brokering a lot of deals in the New York State Judiciary races.

It's must be awfully important to the Republicans and Conservative to get certain candidate out of the local races.

First, Matt Doheny was nominated by the Conservative's to run for judge in Kings County. There's just something about putting the title "Honarable" in front of his name that doesn't sit well.

Then we have Thom Benedetto running in Queens County. Wonder who brokered that deal?

One thing is certain. The public has every right not to trust the judiciary. And why should they?

Family Court race

If he can't do it here... he'll do it anywhere

 Apparently Thom Benedetto just wants to be a judge, no matter where. According to today's Palladium-Times, Benedetto is going to run for a judgeship in Queens County. That's Queens County as in way down yonder.

Benedetto has obviously dropped out of the Oswego County race as he finds his way to the Big Apple. This leaves the race between Jim Eby and Lou Ann Coleman who most people react to with a "yulk" when they hear she's running for Family Court. And horror stories about her as a law guardian are plentiful. 

Looks as if Jim Eby will be the next Family Court judge. 

And Benedetto... we wish him well on his quest to be a judge--any judge, anywhere.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another question

Was Heidi really a drug informant?

 There is so much confusion and so many contradictions shrouding the Heidi Allen case that it's probably going to take someone with a very large piece of poster board to connect the dots.

 We are told that Dean Goodsell of the OCSD testified at the '95 trial that Heidi Allen wasn't a confidential drug informant and had only given the department a tip two years prior.  DA Greg Oakes claims that the courts knew Heidi was a drug informant. So was she or wasn't she?

The evidence brought out by federal prosecutor shows pretty clear evidence that she was a CI. If that's the case, did Goodsell lie or did he just not know?

It seems the OCSD was trying to cover their own misdeed of exposing Heidi as an informant.

And in the meantime, Gary Thibodeau sits in prison.

Monday, September 22, 2014

John Verdoliva

We aren't sure how to handle this

  We have in our possession a series of letters written by former Oswego County sheriff deputy John Verdoliva to a young woman when he was on the force.

 We'd like to publish a few of them but they are extremely graphic and we know some of our readers would find them offensive. The letters describe sexual acts in detail, and we mean detail.

The parents and grandparents of the recipient did try to take legal action at the time, however, no one would entertain it except for Russ Johnson, who at the time was on the Fulton PD.  Sadly, the recipient wouldn't press charges out of fear, so we are told. But prior to contacting Johnson, the family was blown off.

We'd like to know what our readers think of these letters being posted. Of course, the victims name will be deleted.