Saturday, July 4, 2015

Who will it be?

The legislature will be naming the person who will be filling Frank Visser's position in Solid Waste next week.

We've heard a lot of rumors that it will be someone who already works there. Someone who... let's just say... doesn't have a stellar work history with the county. It would only stand to reason that the powers-that-be would hire someone who had been caught stealing from the county in the past.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You have a chance and a choice

There's a lot of contention with DA Greg Oakes. Many aren't pleased with him. Law enforcement officers allege he's never around, lawyers allege he pleas almost every case and only tried two felony cases last year. The public isn't happy with him over the Thibodeau hearing and his insistence that Oakes believes Thibodeau is guilty. Oakes' job is to bring justice for the public and that means doing all he can to find the person or persons who abducted Heidi Allen. He's failed miserably. What if Gary didn't do it? Oakes is allowing a potential killer to live amongst us?

It's also been alleged that he allowed a case to lag for one of his relatives or the relative of one of his relatives so that it was dismissed for lack of a speedy trial. This person who got off went on to commit another crime. Why can't Oakes try a case in a timely manner? No one should be getting off because of a lack of a speedy trial. This is why the jail is overcrowded. We hear the Sheriff and the DA aren't getting along too well these days.

Legislators are upset that drug dealers are sent to drug court, leaving them back on the street to continue to sell and use drugs.

Then there was the harassment of Legislator Doug Malone for turning in a county highway employee for watching porn while at work. Malone requested the computer be seized and it was found to have porn. So why go after Malone for turning in an employee who was wasting taxpayer money on porn? After all, the computer belongs to the county and the taxpayers paid him to watch.

Why did Oakes send one of his ADA's to Malone's place of business to deliver a letter from Oakes? Wow! A hand delivered letter just because Malone had the guts to blow in a porn-watching employee? Oh, maybe it's not a big deal because one of the ADA's used to watch porn while in the office. Then-chairman Russ Johnson caught that one but no one served Johnson with a hand-delivered personal letter.

Let's not forget that the highway employees who turned in the porn-watching coworker under the Whistleblower's Act alleged that Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt cornered them and told them that Oakes had specifically called him to let him know who the "troublemakers" are. Ospelt can't deny it because it's on tape. Did Oakes forget that whistleblowers names are to remain confidential or did Ospelt lie? It'd be interesting to put them both in the same room and ask the question. If Oakes did indeed say it and tried to deny, Ospelt would have plenty to say. He's not one to lie to.

We also have the complaints Oakes has filed against Judge Walter Hafner. How convenient to get Judge Hafner out of Oswego County so he couldn't hear the Thibodeau case. It's pretty safe to say that Judge Hafner would have made a decision by now.

Mike McAndrews is challenging Oakes. So many have been screaming for change. Here's your chance. Sign his petition, if you're a Democrat, and show your support for him. If someone comes knocking asking for a signature on Oakes' petition, don't sign.

You have a choice. If Oakes wins this election, quit bitching. Get out and vote. Make a difference. Wherever one goes, someone is complaining about Oakes. You hear it in restaurants and stores, everywhere.

If you don't vote and Oakes wins, don't be crying over spilled milk, or onions.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Roger out of prison and back in court

According to one of our favorite readers, Roger Breckenridge was released from prison Wednesday and allegedly had to appear in court in Rome, NY for stealing beer.

The case was rescheduled for a later date.

We will post more details as they become available.

We will also have something on county highway coming up soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

More on Judge King

A mother gave her daughter her prescription drugs to let her friends try. A 15-year-old non-related boy took the pills while at the mother's house and the boy passed out. The mother said he would sleep it off and forbid the other kids (it was some sort of party) to call E-911 and even took one of the kid's cell phone away when he tried to call the mom of the boy.

And Judge King dropped all of the charges but one? If you read the latest story you will see he's not sitting in good favor with the community. 

And that's what they sent to Oswego County.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Well, here's Judge King

Sort of reminds us of Greg Oakes.... light on criminals. 

Let them roam free. 

Brenda Roth was facing charges of second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, tampering with physical evidence and endangering the welfare of a child.

On Thursday, Judge Daniel King dismissed all charges with the exception of "endangering the welfare of a child."

Here's some of the reader comments:
Gloria Queen What the hell!!!!! Dan King you are a ignorant piece of crap!!!! I think you need to step the hell down from your position...I've never in my life heard of anything so stupid!!! Makes you wonder what she has on Dan...
33 mins · Like · 7

Sandy Given what kind of a judge is he???

Tiffany Spicer This is nuts like others I agree how many kids does she have to hurt or possibly kill again before she gets put behind bars. Asfor the judge he needs to step down and let someone with common sense do his job
30 mins · Like · 7

16 mins · Like · 2

Rhunette Lamphier Burns King should be excused from being a judge forever..this is bullshit
13 mins · Like · 3

Sunday, June 14, 2015

For the last time

No one involved with this blog has anything to do with Pulaski High School. None of us have a cleaning lady. None of are related to anyone with a van.

What Tonya Priest wrote on Facebook about the above-mentioned is a complete fabrication. 

From what we can ascertain from the emails we've been receiving, no one told Tonya Priest any of the above mentioned, it's a product of imagination.

Apparently, she doesn't like what we wrote about Lisa Peebles.  Our stand is, and has been, that Lisa Peebles shares too much with those outside the scope of the Thibodeau case.

As one of our readers pointed out in a comment on the other post, Lisa Peebles shared the discovery of the cabins with John O'Brien and after seeing it or hearing it on the news, Nancy Drew and one of the Hardy boys went there and disturbed the site.

No one said Lisa Peebles was doing a bad job with this case. We only said people with information might be afraid to come forward because she tends to tell Tonya Priest and John O'Brien too much. 

In an email, Tonya Priest wrote that we slam Gary Thibodeau's niece Amanda. We have never done that. Tonya also wrote that the Thibodeau family is upset with us and have every right to be. 

Our apologies to the Thibodeau family. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tonya Priest, you're cracking us up!

UPDATE: We received this email from Tonya:

Actually peeled you lied n missed half the convo you also took things out of content. Re-read what you posted. One of your workers. Your cleaning lady (redacted). Lol. Spreader Ritter and Mrs Rutter were the writers of peeled. She says she cleans for you. Which her mom owned the van lol. Wow you took that n twisted crap. Nice try though. She claims she was told not to tell anyone of who you were. Your not a supporter of Gary basing Lisa pretty good lately. Ever heard of slander. You missed the entire Convo from Gary famnuly. It read peeled sucks lately. So whoever sent you that totally lied to you about where it was to. Not on my fb a convo on Gary's family wall lol. That's y you suck lately. Your lying across the web even about Lisa. 

Now, we are going to say this once more, and then we will no longer post anything about Gary Thibodeau and the hearing since the family is, according to Tonya, getting upset with us.

We feel, as do many others, that people are not coming forward with information due to this very reason. It doesn't help Gary to have lies, rumors, and innuendo all over the Internet. It doesn't help Gary to have private messages between Tonya and Lisa Pebbles publicly posted.

We are sorry the Thibodeau family is upset with us, but we call it as we see it. With criminal investigations, the less said the better.

And, no, we are not any of the above mentioned people and we've never heard of any of them.

Thank you to our reader who brought this to our attention. You're wonderful!

This screenshot is of Tonya Priest's Facebook account so it's presumed she wrote it. It was posted on the Gary Thibodeau support page, we are told.

This is so beyond funny. According to Tonya, we here at the Onion are Pulaski High School teachers.

It gets better... one of us is related to the owner of "the van."  What van, Tonya? 

As staunch supporters of Gary Thibodeau's innocence, we are a bit disappointed that the administrator of Gary's support site would allow such a nonsensical comment to remain on their page. Especially a family who has to fight battles to quell rumors. Why perpetuate them?

Tonya, your credibility just went down the tubes with us. Keep your idiotic delusions to yourself, please.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fulton GOP endorsements

The Fulton Republican Committee made some interesting endorsements Monday evening.

Mark Sherman was endorsed to run for the District 25 legislature seat. Former legislator Louella LeClair, who is trying to make a comeback, didn't get a motion to bring her name forth.

LeClair was not real popular with her peers as she never seemed to catch on to what was going on. It didn't help matters when last year she made a racial comment to the Fulton GOP chairman Mark Holliday, who is Jewish. 

Jim Meyers wasn't endorsed for the Fulton council. It's ironic that someone who once stole from the same committee would ask for their endorsement.

Holliday stepped down as the chairman but remains on the committee. He's got his house for sale and is looking to book out of Oswego County. Who could blame him with the ever-rising taxes? Legislator Jim Karasek is now the chairman. That could be very interesting because Karasek isn't a big fan of Baby Backus.

Jim Rice will be running against Karasek for legislator. Rice is the City of Fulton Democrat chairman. That should be an interesting race, although Karasek, being more or less a Republican rebel and ultra conservative, is probably safe.

The legislature is losing three Dems. Mike Kunzwiler, Doug Malone, and Amy Tresidder are not seeking reelection.

Tresidder is running for mayor in the City of Oswego and Kunzwiler and Malone decided they've been there long enough. All three were strong voices in the legislature. Kunzwiler and Malone went in together 18 years ago and always said they'd leave together. 

Malone became a target of the DA when he (Malone) turned in a county highway employee for watching porn on county time. Guess porn isn't a big deal for the DA. Then the highway employees who blew the whistle on the porn-watcher were allegedly confronted by Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt, who told them that DA Oakes had told him that they were the ones who turned in their coworker. Those employees who did turn in their coworker were supposed to be covered under the Whistleblowers Act, meaning they could remain anonymous.

Of course, in Oswego County, that wouldn't happen.

The porn-watching employee (who other employees alleged was watching it almost the entire workday, every day) then were harassed because they were outed. 

And of course, you saw no charges filed against the employee for misusing county time and equipment because that's how things work in county government. 

So there's your dose of county happenings for the day.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Well it did happen, and it leaves questions

UPDATE: We appreciate that this is a heated discussion, however, please remember that when you post comments one right after the other, the filter sends them to the spam file and we have no way to retrieve them.

If you want to have a conversation with yourself, you still must wait at least 30 minutes between comments. 

The spam file is overloaded today. 

The news did come out on Allegedly Michael Bohrer has more of a criminal past than DA Greg Oakes was able to ascertain. 

Surely, that would have made a difference to a jury. Even former DA Donald Dodd says so at the end of the story.

No one seems to know what the Judge King's hold up is. No one in the legal biz has ever heard of a Brady Hearing taking so long. Perhaps he's waiting until after the November election-- a common trick used by the GOP.

That said, we now understand why those with information are afraid to come forward because they don't trust Lisa Peeble's to hold their confidences.

Apparently, this new information about Bohrer was shared with one or two of our readers. Someone posted three days ago that information would be forthcoming Monday and that it's in the judge's hands.

Now, we doubt Lisa Peebles is making anonymous comments on this site, so it only leaves us to conclude that she, or someone close to her, is sharing information because this isn't the first time someone has wrote that something is coming and it does.

It's a shame because people with information won't come forward for this very reason. And who could blame them?

This really does Gary Thibodeau no good.  Loose lips sink ships.

Well, it's Monday

One of our readers commented that something is supposed to happen today pertaining to the Thibodeau case and or DA Greg Oakes.

We're all waiting...