Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bill, the archives are all moved to the new site. I am testing it now to make sure everything moved over right before I close this one down for you.

Archive test 9.15.  complete

Comment test 9.15 complete




wordpress 5.0

graphics tested. Will show how to use later.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We're moving

We're moving to our own website in the near future. Here, we have been plagued by hacks (four this year), a spam filter that's been grabbing all of the comments for over a week now, and we can't retrieve them or see what they say. It's only telling if it's anonymous, a username, or a spam bot.

Our new site has been under construction since June. We hope you'll join us there. Watch for the new link on Oswegonylion.com.

Here's what's changing:

* There will be a new forum. Users can comment on posts; however, you will need to register with a username and password. It will be very similar to Syracuse.com's forums. The forums will be moderated.

* We will continue to have our satirical content, and we will be adding serious and real news about county government. We've already had someone cover the August meeting of the legislature and will continue to be at the monthly meetings. We hope to have someone in attendance to report on committee meetings. We will not be covering city and town news. Check Oswego Lion for that content.

* We will add a podcast that will have snippets of tape recordings going back 30 years. 

* We will have the capability to add videos.

Here's what's not changing:

* Our LLC will remain the same.

* Our email address will remain the same for sending tips.

* Our comment rules will remain the same.

* The TOU will remain the same, with the exception of a slight change in the arbitration clause (allowing other firms other than AAA).

We hope to see you when we move! Stay tuned for further updates.

Archives will be on the new site.