Tuesday, April 14, 2015

County Treasurer's office mess

We just heard that the county's chief accountant Robin McMillen failed her civil service test.

Not bad for someone who's making $77,000 per year.

And we heard the books are late being closed for 2014. How are the legislators supposed to know where they're at and how much they can spend without a fiscal accounting?

We also heard that the office is a mess, period. 

Of course, somehow, someway, they will get creative to keep McMillen on. They can change the title and pull a Matt Bacon, making the position non-competitive.

We've been told by several legislators that McMillen was Legislator Terry Wilbur's choice, so be sure to thank him, and of course, don't forget Baby Backus, because no one gets hired without his blessing.

It should make you all sick to think that you're paying for this incompetent clown.

John Bohrer

Sunday, April 12, 2015

County highway

We hear that the time sheets and GPS records for one current and one retired county highway department employees are in Albany under review. We did hear it from a good source but haven't confirmed it.

The GPS records take a long time to go through as the system pings quite often.

On another note, we are still hearing chatter that the Pulaski Garage is going to close for good. The Parish Garage is only about seven miles away, and if the county sells the Pulaski Garage to the town, they could still use it to store salt and sand.

Downsizing is never a bad thing.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Will this be the end of the road for Buckey?

It's official. Jack Beckwith is running for legislature. This is interesting because he will be running against Terry "Buckey" Wilbur, if Buckey decides to run again.

Buckey served one year as majority leader and was ousted this year. He was replaced by Shane Broadwell.

Buckey fell into controversy when a road was built on Beckwith's property. Beckwith wanted to sell sand to the county and a road was built to access the property. It wasn't simply a pathway to the sand pit, county Highway Superintendent put in a road that was the equivalent of the New York State Thruway.

Buckey's involvement is iffy.  We here at the Onion saw an email written by Legislature Chairman Kevin Garnder that sort of implicates Buckey more than Buckey had admitted.

Then, there was a Hannibal resident who told investigators that he had overheard Buckey talking about the road back well before Buckey claims he had first heard about the road. Mind you, not only does Buckey's father work for the county highway department, he was one of the employees working on the road. 

We hear that the road is not a dead issue as far as any investigations.

Needless to say, Beckwith can easily beat Buckey in an election. Despite the road issue, Jack is still quite a popular guy and the father of the town.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stay in Lewis County Judge King

You are useless here.

No matter where one travels these days, Judge King and his ever-so-transparent bias is all the talk. You'll hear it in line at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, in bars and restaurants, diners, town meetings, out in the street, everywhere.

One thing is for certain: Almost everyone is in agreement that Judge King is not using impartial judgment.

Whoever was in charge of sending this yo-yo to Oswego County is despicable. Why send an inexperienced judge who can't hold back his own personal bias? Or is this all about the Republican's covering for the sheriff? After all, the GOP does owe the sheriff quite a bit. And the sheriff's son works hard for the party. Too hard for the way they treat him.

One waitress mentioned that every night, at almost every table, people are talking about Judge King. Surely, all these folks aren't sitting in the court and are getting their info from the news, which makes it worse.

This latest story shows how ignorant this judge is. Why not just end it so the case can move to federal court?

It's a shame that the higher-ups aren't telling Judge King to tone his bias. That just goes to show what type of judicial system we have in New York State.

We're getting slammed with emails from readers wanting to know what agency they can complain to. We are trying to find out and will post when we get something.  Of course, the FBI is always an option.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Judge King is just too...

So much for 6 pm.  Judge King recessed and didn't schedule a date to resume.
He is unbelievable. A man's life is hanging and this judge plays games.

Granted, this case is so bizarre and everyone is finding out how incompetent the Sheriff's Department was when investigating the case.

And Chris Van Patten. Wow! They let this guy work at a nuke plant?

Judge King is the reason the public has no trust in the judiciary. He's proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he could give two shits about the truth.

It's becoming more and more clear why Oakes filed complaints about Judge Hafner. Heaven forbid if he were to hear this case.  That could have destroyed the Republican Party that is so hellbent on protecting Sheriff Todd. 

Judge King, how would you feel if it was YOU behind bars waiting for a judge to conclude a hearing?

Did the Sheriff allow a killer to roam free?

Today, the testimony is pointing more and more in the direction as someone else being the abductor, and most likely killer, of Heidi Allen. 

The judge had his curfew extended until 6 pm. Must be he's been a good boy for the Republican Party. Maybe he'll want to hired Morgan Longley as his law clerk.

The Powers, the curiosity-seeking couple who went joy-hunting at the cabin sight, sounded too scripted to be believable. There's got to be more to that story that we're not hearing.

More later.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stay classy Oswego County

One of our readers kindly sent us the Facebook conversation of Morgan Longley's boyfriend and Longley's contributions to the conversation. Hopefully she leaves her potty mouth home when she goes to work to service the public.

Kudos to County Republican Committee Chairman Michael Backus and County Republican Elections Commissioner Carol "Peggy" Bickford for picking the cream of the crop. You both truly contribute to the reason Oswego County is a laughing stock. Be proud, be proud.

Steven Douglas
23 hrs 

If anybody has a problem with me or my family mess me all u mother fuckers have done something wrong

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Jerry Pulsifer Been arguing all day over that post people put up today wtf people throw stones when they all live in glass houses
22 hrs · 2
Jessica Bateman Donoghue Yea that shit fucked up half those people probly don't even know her!
22 hrs · 1
Steven Douglas Let them call me jerry u know me I will fight for her she's my world I will beat down these ppl
22 hrs · 1
Steven Douglas I would die for Morgan and all my boys that know me know that
22 hrs · 5
Steven Douglas Ty for that jerry
22 hrs
Davey Smith Been seeing that shit..i hope the best for you and morgan...like everything else this will pass...sucks you guys are making a life for yourselfs and people wont let the past be where it should be...in the past.
Love ya kid
Jerry Pulsifer You already know bro I got your back always
22 hrs
Steven Douglas Like I said I'm not Morgan I will go to war with every single one saved
22 hrs
Steven Douglas Davey
22 hrs · 1
Davey Smith Ive witnessed it
22 hrs
Davey Smith Like i said dont stoop to there level they will just come up with some sorry ass way to portray you and your family...people arent happy unless there ruining other peoples life
22 hrs · 1
Nicole Perchway Seen it all too but some people have nothing better to do then put others on blast when they have skeletons n their own closet. Esp after five fucking years. Pathetic!!!!
22 hrs
Mark Bailey This is Oswego everyone got to be in someone else's business . It's old
News and let the past go. Nothing but drama
22 hrs · 1
Paul Connolly I was just gonna say the same thing im dealing with a problem now and said the same thing most people in oswego have nothing better to do but get in to other people's lives they should worry more about their own lives because people like us will slap the stupid out of them
22 hrs · Edited · 2
Steven Douglas Who knows this Fagat Lenny Sherman I will pay
ristin Elizabeth LaPointe What happened to Morgan Longley
22 hrs
Heidi Thomas The shit people in Oswego say to get attention!! Like who in Oswego hasn't used or sold drugs?! So the people posting shit just never got caught!! Makes me sick that they could hate on a mother doing so well for herself and to better her child and family! You go girl!! Make that money!! Douglas fuck these lames out here! Mad because they cant move forward and do better!!
22 hrs · 1
Steven Douglas Well boys I have this weekend off and I am def going to look for some ppl and then they can have something to write about Morgan is my world keep writing ppl in starting a list
22 hrs · 2
Steve Tyler Steve I have been blasting people on that post all day bro I got your back I am not much of a fan of the step dad for my own reasons but your girl is your world and she makes you happy so if war is needed I got your back 100%
Kristin Elizabeth LaPointe Who said something
22 hrs
Paul Connolly Steve they all just went into hiding they our all just a bunch of punk as bitches
22 hrs
Steven Douglas Who is this mindy chick jerry
22 hrs
Morgan Longley Cal me kris. Fuckin mad drama for shit I did 6 years ago!
22 hrs
Kristin Elizabeth LaPointe Fuck them bitches ur not who u were dthreeyears ago fucking hating ass losers
Steven Douglas Yes they did Paul Connolly but I am good at finding ppl
22 hrs
Morgan Longley And Steven your not going anywhere to Knock anyone out! You'll just add fuel to the fire!! Let's not stoop to their level.
22 hrs · 5
Ray Kennedy I'll be home playboy
22 hrs · 1
Mark Bailey Lmfao Lenny Sherman what a joke want his number
22 hrs · 2
Frederick Crimmins You guys are doing good for yourselfs..... don't let oswego bring you back down.........
22 hrs · 1
Nicole Perchway Steve it was all over from many different people.
22 hrs
Morgan Longley Steve stop messaging people. Like seriously. WHY WOULD YOU ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE. this is exactly the shit I don't FUckin need!!
22 hrs · 1
Steven Douglas Then go find a new bf Morgan u have known me my hole life everybody understands me but u
Steven Douglas Ty everybody for message me names and numbers
22 hrs
Nicole Perchway Well apparently they have nothing better to do w their lives. They said they weren't bashing her but trying to make a point on how corrupt oswego county is. Something that was posted in peeled onion about Morgan. So for starts I would be contacting who ever felt the need to bring that up. What does that have to do w the Heidi Allen case????
22 hrs
Morgan Longley Steven no shit but read all the comments above. You don't need to go out fighting people. These people are looser. If you do so you're just getting on their level. It wi be old news tomorrow. It's not about being a bad ass. It's about being the bigger person. If there was a middle finger Emoji I would have it all over my facebook
22 hrs · 6
Shawn Donoghue That was all messed up tell her to ignore that shoit and tell her we said congrats she deserves it all those fuckers are just jealous
22 hrs · 2
John Crawford A couple things. 1. The peeled onion is not a website for the Heidi Allen case. It's a political website ran by an individual who has a respected hatred towards republicans and Oswego county. 2. I don't agree with putting Morgan on blast the way they did. I think she is great and I didn't really know her 6 years ago. It sucks that her past is being brought up because of the political stress currently going on. I want you to know I love you dougy and Morgan both and keep your heads up. I don't want this to be the direction that the public is taking during this time. Crucifying Morgan is just ridiculous because of who she is. That's all
21 hrs · 6
Michele Rhoades Oh I've been arguing with Mindy all fucking day! Drug addict that wants to post shit! Lmao
21 hrs · 2
Cam Shaw Noone on my friends list posted it Morgan Longley cuz I'd most Def told them what's up that's total Bullshit like get a fucking life dude seriously!
21 hrs · Edited · 1
Nicole Perchway Sorry John Crawford I don't really follow the peeled onion that was just what I was gathering from all the different post. In my opinion her case should have never been brought up because of her relation w Dodd was the only reason why. The whole situat...See More
21 hrs · 2
Nicole Perchway Mindy who Michele Rhoades??
21 hrs
Cam Shaw Terramiggi Nicole Perchway
21 hrs
Nicole Perchway Really n what room does that heroin addict have to say for herself??? Isn't she facing time now for beating her12 or 13 year old daughter n drugs???? WTF!!!
21 hrs · 6
Nicole Perchway *I meant what room does that heroin addict have to say about herself!!
21 hrs
Nicole Perchway Wow I can't see what I am typing what does I meant.
John Goepfert Lmao
21 hrs
Steven Douglas Yup
21 hrs
Jesse Vivlemore Hey Rocky?? Remember you ate better than them clowns. Great dad and you and Morgan Longley are doing awesome bro. I've know you both for a long time and they want you guys to feed into the bullshit. DONT"" Congrats to Morgan also and you. Just stay strong for you Morgan and the kids man. Ik your pissed and fueled up and turning green but they are not worth ruining what you guys have built together.. and sounds like to me you guys are doing awesome and in the best place of your lives bro. KEEP IT THERE... don't deal with people trying to ruin the good thing you guys have going on is all in trying to say. Keep course and make them haters be haters... love ya man!!
21 hrs · 3
Steven Douglas Ty Jesse
Jesse Vivlemore No problem man at all.. you guys have been friends for a long time and have endured alot in time and came out together and on top.. like I said jealous people talk shit... Hmmm
21 hrs · 2
Sara Elizabeth Slight Its just jealousy and all the more reason for ppl to run their mouths - cause all that exists in this sickening city is jealousy and hate. We all did dumb shit in the past, but that doesnt mean that a person cant grow and change from their mistakes. And not by any means does anyone have room to judge. dont let peoples ignorance bring either one of you down to their levels. You both are great people and have a beautiful family. Good luck and congrats Morgan!!

Steven Douglas
20 hrs ·
In a Relationship with Morgan Longley

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How and Why judges are political

A lot of people don't understand how judges are selected. They assume they simply vote them in.

New York State has a complex process. There are judicial delates chosen who are generally political hacks (Michael Backus, county GOP chairman, is a judicial delegate). They determine who will run on the party line. The Dems have the same process.

One would think judicial delegates would comprise of lawyers and those who deal with the court system on a regular basis. Not so here in Oswego County. 

So, if you wonder how an idiot like Judge King could get on the bench, look no further than the Lewis County Republican Committee.

It's an unfair process, but what process in New York State is fair.

Friday, March 27, 2015

An interesting tidbit about the DA's office

We were emailed all the documentation, so this is accurate information. It came from a legislator who was assisting a person who had been ripped off. 

Several years ago, a man moved to Oswego and said his name was Ken Cloud. He posed as a contractor and ripped off the elderly.

For a time he lived with Denise Osetek, who at that time worked for the Oswego County Commissioner of Jurors office.

Ken Cloud had a DBA that was notarized by Cathleen O'Hara, who works in the DA's office.  A second DBA was notarized by Cynthia Wild, who works for Judge Norman Seiter.

When "Ken Cloud" was done ripping off the elderly here, he took his DBA's and went to Florida where he attempted to rip off several elderly people and had stolen the checkbook of one elderly man. He used his DBA's from Oswego County to legitimize himself.

But the Orange County Sheriff's Department caught on to him quickly, so he went to live in Sandy Creek where he went by Indian Chief Something-or-Other.

People became suspicious and he fled to Syracuse, where he ripped off more people and was arrested. 

It just so happens that Ken Cloud is really Kenneth Bennet and he was wanted in Oneida County. 

Of course, Kenneth Bennett had no identification to show he was Ken Cloud. So how did he get NOTARIZED DBA's from an employee of the DA's office and of a judge's office without showing ID?

We don't know nor does the legislator who provided us with the information. We do know that both Ms. O'Hara and Ms. Wild had their notary licenses suspended for six months because of it.

So, there's a little weekend ditty about the integrity of DA and Court employees.

And, as we told you before, there's a former ADA who happened to enjoy watching porn movies while at the office. 

As an update to Morgan Longley- we are told the high ups will be reviewing whether she breached confidentiality with what she wrote about a former employee of the Board of Elections being terminated. We'll keep you posted.