Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yet more inconsistencies

Did they or didn't they?

  Reading through all of the previous information and new information in the Heidi Allen case, it really makes one wonder what type of investigation was conducted. 

 Here's another inconsistency.

This is an excerpt from Syracuse.com:

In pre-trial hearings, Oswego County Judge John Brandt directed the district attorney to disclose to the Thibodeaus' lawyers all information about Allen's possible activities as an informant, the archives show.
Then-Undersheriff Reuel Todd said at the time that the sheriff's office had no formal "confidential informant" file on Allen because Allen was not really an informant, according to the archives.
Members of Allen's family also told reporters in 1995 that as far as they knew, Allen was not a police informant.

If you recall, Deputy Van Patten said he had gone to Allen's home and spoke with Heidi and her parents. There was an index card with her personal information and a photograph. How could Sheriff Todd say he had no formal confidential informant file on Allen? Is it because Van Patten lost the index card so technically it wasn't on file?

How can the family say as far as they knew Allen wasn't an informant? 

Was Sheriff Todd surprised and shocked over this revelation?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hager Drive

Lawyer tried to take law into his own hands?

 A reader sent us these pictures of Hagar Drive. Allegedly, last month local lawyer Eben Norfleet decided he didn't want to wait for a lawsuit to be resolved. Norfleet wants the Town of Richland to give him a little land so that others can't access the river. Apparently, he blocked it with his SUV and trailer. When asked if he'd move it, he said no, so the troopers were called. He moved it just before they arrived, according to our source. 

 Norfleet made an early attempt to run for Family Court Judge.  He and Thom Benedetto make a good pair.  As an FYI- there's a good story in the Palladium Times today about Benedetto's attempt to campaign in the H. Douglas Barclay Court House during the legislature meeting.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't forget

Rally for Gary Thibodeau tomorrow

 There's going to be a rally in support of Gary Thibodeau tomorrow from 10-3 in East Park, Oswego.

 If you believe Gary is innocent show your support by showing up or driving by and honking.

 The question of Gary's guilt recently surfaced with a series of articles written by John O'Brien of Syracuse.com.  While many people didn't believe 20 years ago that Gary was guilty, many more are now convinced.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Will something happen?

Kehoe, Wheeler records under scrutiny?

 We have been wondering if the county was going to do something about the time sheets and GPS records of Ken Wheeler and Brian Kehoe not matching up. Wheeler retired not long ago and Kehoe is still on the job (we don't understand why he wasn't suspended while the records were being checked) but is no longer is allowed to drive his county truck to and from work.

 We've been told by a source that all of the records are "under investigation" by a third party. Whether it's true is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain--it's pretty hard to say you're working overtime when the truck you drive is parked at the county airport or the Hannibal Transfer Station.

 At the least, the money earned while trucks 5 and 16 weren't running should be returned to the taxpayers.

Here's Mr. Kehoe back in 2007 receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Legislature. Yes, Mr. Kehoe, the taxpayers have much appreciation for you.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thom Benedetto

Dumber than dumb

 At this afternoon's meeting of the Oswego County Legislature, held at the H. Douglas Barclay Court House, Family Court candidate Thom Benedetto decided to use the public comment session as an opportunity to campaign.

 Apparently he has no respect for the law. Campaigning in a government building, and especially a court house, is a no-no.  He didn't seem to care and stood and introduced himself as a candidate then began spewing off.

 Legislator Doug Malone, a Democrat, called a point of order, apparently much to the relief of the Republicans. It was agreed that Benedetto was out of line.

 Allegedly, he didn't think so and had said he had the right to speak. This is the same Thom Benedetto who ran for county court judge and used the court's fax machine for his campaign.

 Can you image if every candidate in every race was allowed to speak at meetings? They'd never end.

 We heard Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler lit into county GOP chairman Mike Backus after the meeting. Backus should be able to control his minions. 

 We were told that once a copy of the meeting tape is obtained, a grievance will be filed against Benedetto, as it should be. 

 Oswego County is probably giving Judge Tormey a lot of headaches these days. 


Thibodeau convicted because of pressure?

 The latest story on Syracuse.com today is a stomach turner. A juror was interviewed who said the jury felt "kind of pressured to come up with a verdict of some sort" and that no one was certain of Thibodeau's guilt. The juror also said she had no idea Heidi Allen was a drug informant.

Did this jury forget that they held the life of a man in their hands and that they were required under the law to do more that extinguish public fear that a kidnapper and possible killer was on the loose?

Just what is going on here? Heidi Allen's parents allowed her to become a confidential drug information for OCSD, putting their daughter and their entire family at risk. Then some keystone cop just happened to be carrying around an index card containing all of her personal information and a picture of Heidi. Do sheriff deputies always carry around the personal information of their drug informants? Why would he do that? Hopefully, Deputy Van Patten will have to answer that question some day.

Then, we have the infamous phone call from the pay phone at the D&W Convenience Store. Van Patten didn't remember Heidi was an informant even though he signed her up.  But... he did remember dropping the index card and her picture when making a call.  He probably remembers where he's tossed every gum wrapper from his car window.

We've heard nothing as to whether the D&W employee who returned the card to yet another officer was ever interviewed by the police, how long the card had been there, if it had been shown to anyone, why if Deputy Van Patten's name was on it why the employee didn't call him, why the employee didn't call Heidi or someone in her family.

 None of it makes sense. Not one bit of it. 

It's pretty obvious that Gary Thibodeau was the sacrificial lamb. Sacrificed so that the jury could relieve themselves of their "pressure." Gary Thibodeau should be pardoned and released from prison now, not a year from now.

Barney Fife could have handled this investigation better. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sheriff Todd

Why no write-in candidate?

 With the recent controversy over the Heidi Allen case and Sheriff Todd's all-time low popularity, why has no one come forward to challenge him as a write-in candidate?

 The new balloting makes it easy to write in a name.  Ellery Terpening once expressed interest in running.  Has anyone approached him? 

 Why let Sheriff Todd run unopposed? 

There are far too many questions the sheriff has to answer such as why it was never disclosed that Heidi Allen was a confidential drug informant and why he would allow Deputy Van Patten to recruit someone so young to be an informant and put a child in danger? Because that's what Heidi Allen was when she was working as an informant.